Friday, February 6, 2009

Do you or your spouse cringe over the mention of the dreaded 'S' word?

Why are so many folks touchy about sex in their marriage? I am not talking about those who are shy or private about such matters. But there seems to be a whole group of married individuals who get their nose out of joint whenever the topic of sex comes up. You hear one excuse after another. I know this to be true as I did it myself in my refusing days and I hear it repeatedly from my readers. Why is it that with sexual matters, some feel the need to defend poor, unhealthy sexual practices? Yet on the other hand, if we obtain a physical ailment we often race to the doctor's office or advise others to see a doctor.

How would it be if we broke a leg, or developed pneumonia or came down with symptoms of a serious genetic disease but did not think it would affect us badly enough to warrant a trip to the doctor? How bright would that be?

Why the difference? Do we not yet "get it" that there is a definite link between us possessing a healthy sex life and being generally in good health? Do we not understand that our spirit, emotions and even physical health are all hugely affected by healthy sex or lack thereof? Are there specific changes which we, who are "in the know", might be able to make in order to further promote awareness of healthy, marital sex to our spouse and even to others? Or have you already tried that with no success?

Do we need to quit hiding healthy sex "under a bush"? What do you think it would take for attitudes towards sexual awareness to change, both our own attitudes and also the attitudes of those who cringe over the mere mention of the dreaded 'S' word?


herlover said...

More wise words from you Gemma. Yes, we need to stop hiding healthy sex under a bush. How to do it? Well, reading your good comments day to day will help. Maybe we need more Gemmas. And reading sites like TMB and others is bound to help.

Praying for your quick recovery.

Gemma said...

Sometimes I want to scream when I hear from my readers and see that so many couples regularly struggle to have a good sex life. GR and I messed around with it, too, wasting many precious years.

Now I feel like I'm on a mission-- to shout from the housetops that healthy, frequent, passionate sex is not only good for us but that it is fun.

Thank you for your prayers.

everClimb said...

Good for you and GREAT questions! I think if Bible teaching pastors and teachers did not avoid the Song of Songs with the exception of the occasional obscure reference, it would go a long way toward bringing the issue to its rightful place.