Monday, January 12, 2009

Share your mountaintop techniques

A number of my readers are often seeking specific ideas with which to ramp up the eroticism in their marriage bed. There is nothing wrong with that, right? I know what works for me and I will share some of that, too, as the "thread" develops.

There are times for most of us where we like to take it up a notch, if only for a session or for a specific time of phone sex. In other words, I am referring to "mountaintop experiences" here, folks. We all know that we cannot permanently live on the mountaintop but we sure can visit it on a regular "as needed" basis.

What makes your spouse's eyeballs pop out? When you really want to bring it on hard and heavy in the heat of the moment, what do you tell them? How do you talk to them? What do you do? How do you move? How do you touch? What is it that brings your spouse to a point of no return... to a point where, unless someone is bleeding to death or the house is on fire, you render them helpless and useless.


Cocotte said...

Silky lingerie, a blindfold, a feather duster, a chocolate candle burning and no talking did it for me a few months ago.

Herlover said...

I can give a more interesting comment on what MY mountaintop experiences are.

It is amazing, but the biggest turn on I have ever had was when SHE was having extreme pleasure. Seeing and hearing her screaming with pleasure from her vibe or a dildo gives me my greatest thrill! Even greater than when I am receiving great physical pleasure of my own.
Can't wait to hear some others.

midwestman said...

Every once in a while she likes to be treated like a "girl for hire". We were making love a couple weeks ago and it was getting really hot and she was on top. I took the chance and told her "Come on you little bitch, fuck me hard, thats what I'm paying you for" and oh my did that do the trick! Not only did she instantly respond with an even improved hard fuck but almost immediately came hugely as did I. Just something psychological about using language like that. You know its good when both of you breathlessly lay there for a good ten minutes...

Gemma said...

Thanks for sharing, guys. I'm convinced that it not only varies from person to person but also from session to session, when it comes to those mountaintop experiences. And sometimes you can't even plan them; they just happen.

Cocotte, what you said about "no talking".. that can be hot, esp for a blindfolded receiver. It allows more space for the imagination to roam.

Starting foreplay up slowly, very slowly, is one of my favorites. You get in bed but nobody's doing anything obvious to indicate what's ahead. It gives the feel of two people who want to engage in sex but are both too shy to start. Arousal increases and in a good way your body becomes super-sensitive to touch. Once in a while we like to add to the suspense by using a made up rule like- "No touching private parts at all until an agreed upon time". On numerous occasions we've done this for up to an hour. The longer you can stretch it out, the higher the arousal level becomes. If we last an hour, by the time the hour's up we are jumping each others' bones.

I'm sharing some of my ideas one at a time here while I'm working on something else at my house... trying to multi-task.

Looking forward to hearing from more of you on this and even from some of you lurkers out there. Come out, come out where ever you are! ;-)

Gemma said...

"Girl for hire"? That's a good one, mwm. Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm a high end call girl... (Get it? It's my calling.)... who's been payed an exorbitant amount of money to fulfill every sexual whim of my customer only my dh is my only customer, lol. The customer's always right and the customer gets to choose whatever he wants.

In this mind game of mine I do anything and everything, for as long as he wants. And if we get all done and he wants more, I give him more of whatever he wants. I am his sex slave for the entire night. I really enjoy this *job* of mine and, just between you and me, I would do it for free but don't tell him I said so, lol.

This mountaintop experience takes GR and me over the edge.

Anonymous said...


I read your story of refusal. Yes indeed you are lucky your DH did not find it elsewhere and by God's grace it's been 14 years with my wife's refusal and I have actually wanted to find it elsewhere after 8 years of refusal, but didn't. My wife is really trying to change and I 1/2 believe her this time, but proof is in the pudding.
I'm sorry for highjacking this thread, but she is asking if I need it almost every night, because we can't handle another drag out fight and she said her desire is returnig after childbirth (yeah, duh her last childbirth was a recent 10 years ago). I have the desire to every night, but have conditioned myself to shut it off when I get into bed to the point of even telling I don't when I actually could/do. You mentioned your husband had to get use to the idea again and to bring the "well" back to life so-to-speak. How long did it take him. I climb into bed and liteally freeze up, It's like stepping into the void. We went through her saying "I'll try" so many times and had sex once then none for weeks again then the same cycle to the point where I was waiting for the kid to grow up move out and I move out. My wife have always had a great relationship with everything else, but sex. any way, I think this might really be the corner we both have been waiting for, pray God, and I don't want to sabatoge it by my 14 years of conditioning

Gemma said...

Anon, you can reach me at my gmail acc't if you'd rather talk privately.

scotty said...

One thing we enjoy, and it's more to build anticipation, is if we happen to be lying on the bed and we just know it's not a good time to make love - kids around etc- we'll just start talking about what we're going to do to each other later.
We talk in hushed tones and get very explicit with our language. Our heart rates, and breathing get more and more intense and our faces are flushed. It's not usually long before he's hard and I can feel him on me through our clothing. Oh man - that is so hot! The sex that night is usually incredible!

herlover said...

Gemma, you have started a wonderful thread. Considering how provocative and exciting the subject, I'm surprised there haven't been more responses. (I've already left mine.) Come on you guys, let's hear it.

I've got to say that so far, Gemma's is my favorite. We will be trying her ideas.

Gemma said...

Maybe everyone's still getting over the Christmas and New Year holiday. They haven't gotten into their 2009 groove??? Folks, let's hear it!!! :-)

Gemma said...

I asked GR to tell me what was one of his favorite mountaintop experiences and I thought he would choose a time when he was being pleasured "to death" but, no. His favorite was this time our kids were out of the house and he wanted total sexual control over me. He wouldn't give me a clue for what he planned to do.

First he locked me into our Bed Buckler, with my wrists and ankles stretched out towards the 4 corners of the mattress. For internal stimulation, he reached into our toy box and got out one of our largest dildos. He plugged in our Hitachi for external stim. Either of those 2 alone will give anybody a mind-blowing O but he proceeded to simultaneously use them on me.

Just before Oing, I tensed and fatigued my abdomen and thighs by tugging hard against the 4 restraints, which were holding me tightly down. It made my exhausted muscles contract faster and by the time I O'd, the intensity put me through the roof.

It was the O that wouldn't quit! Good thing our kids were out because I remember screaming so loudly... later I wondered if the neighbors heard anything. The O just went on and on and on until I finally had to beg him to make it stop.

Afterwards, while I was still tied down, we had PIV-IC until GR O'd and fell in a heap.

I have to agree with him. This truly was one of our memorable mountaintop experiences. He had so much fun stim me while he was able to watch it all unfold.

Gemma said...

GR loves when I talk dirty to him during sex. We don't do this every time because we don't want it to become dull and boring. During the times we do, I enjoy giving him blow by blow descriptions of what I'm about to do to him and then I get to it while we're moving along. Every so often I like to stop and tease him. I'll tell him, "I'm not so sure you're ready for this. Maybe you need to be aroused more before we continue." Other times, he returns the same teasing so we do this back and forth. It heightens the anticipation.

Another thing I love to do is begin giving him OS while he's sleeping. The way I love to wake him with this is to put his penis in my mouth and keep it there while I stimulate it. GR's a grow-er, not a show-er, so it's very cool to begin doing this with a small penis and then feel it grow to a huge size while it's in my mouth.

Other times we enjoy heightened OS is either when GR is sitting or standing in front of me while I'm sitting or kneeling OR.... another favorite of mine... me laying on my back with my head slightly tilted back on the edge of the bed with him leaning over my face. I know many women prefer being on top when giving OS but I find it more stimulating for me when GR's either on top or in front of me as he enjoys holding the back of my head while we're at it and I enjoy feeling his sensuous hands pulling and pushing my head.

These are all things we don't do all the time but when we do--- they have the WOW factor for both of us!

luvmygirls said...

We've just recently become more adventurous and active in our sex life, but we are discovering what we really like. We've just in the last few months bought toys and after our last LM session (two weeks ago! ARGH!), we decided to get a wedge/ramp combo. I decided when I ordered to upgrade to black label and I got the starter restraints and a throe. On a more recent LM session, my bride tried to keep me away from her (playfully), so I had to pin her down and use my knees to spread her legs far enough for me to wedge myself in. That was fun and different and the aggression made her hotter, and me too.
Tomorrow we are leaving for our sex weekend. Last year we spent almost the entire time in bed. We would go out to eat (or I'd bring something back) and we spent a few hours walking in the snow while window shopping, but the rest of the time... So I have the shipping box with our Liberator gear in it, no plan for the weekend, a cold front coming in, a wife who hasn't had sex in two weeks, new tricks from our OS books, and a hotel reservation for the same place as last year. I'll let you know about our mountaintop next week I hope.

scotty said...

We're going away tomorrow evening too - just for one night. I'm so ready for some hot, hotel sex.
LMG - would be funny if we were going to the same place - that hotel might rock to the foundations! :)

OK - mountaintop - let me think! Oh yeah... I love doggie position and using a vibe in the front... sometimes I'll reach back far enough with the vibe to get dh in the scrotum. One time in this position dh had another toy stimulating my anus - all three areas at once receiving pleasure. Whoa - that was something!
Gemma I also prefer giving dh oral when he's leaning over me. I especially enjoy lying on the bed and him kneeling beside me, this way he can either be touching me or I can simultaneously use a vibe on myself. At some point though something has to give. I seem to have trouble concentrating on two things at once. Even if I'm not being touched there's something about him have dominating position that I prefer, not to say I don't allow him to lie back and enjoy at times too. Ok - I know we're holding off doing anything tonight to build anticipation for tomorrow, but I'm driving myself crazy thinking about it - gotta go!

Gemma said...

lmg and scotty, you guys enjoy your days away with your spouses.

scotty, I love it that GR enjoys being the dom in our MB, allowing me to be his sub... his *sex slave* while he's my *sex master*. But we don't carry that to an unhealthy extreme as both of us equally enjoy initiating sex.. jumping each others' bones.

I hear you on the 3-area stimulation. I have not yet been on the receiving end of 5-area stim, the 3 you mentioned plus both breasts, all at the same time. That will be the fulfilling of one of my mountaintop fantasies. I just melt thinking about it.

midwestman said...


Sounds like you need to get an anal vibe, get up on the wedge, have GR kneel and enter, you use a vibe on your clit and he can thrust and pinch your nipples at the same time. That would be an awesome 5 spot experience!


Gemma said...

Oh, the possibilities, mwm!

Tulipsanticipation said...

My husband doesn't really drink much, but I like to indulge just to the point of being tipsy but not quite drunk. This worked out perfectly on New Years Eve. He loved it when we got him and I thanked him for being my designated driver, and rewarded him.

I'm very much interested in sex furniture, but the price is holding me back for right now.