Monday, December 1, 2008

Warning: Pity Party

You guys think good thoughts for me while GR is away these next 2 nights. He just left this morning for a short business trip... 3 days, 2 nights. He works day hours M-F so I am used to him not being around during those times but, oh, the nights are so lonely and the bed seems so large when he is gone. Do not mind me. I have a little pity party each and every time he has to go on a business trip.

Our circumstances with the kids being in college and me toting them back and forth to school.... well, it just does not allow me the opportunity to join GR on trips right now, however, we hope for dd#1 to be a licensed driver by the end of January. She's finishing her driver's training and we already have a car for her. That could totally change the dynamics of some of GR's business trips. Can we say "business/pleasure"?

Last night we woke each other at 3am for a long, good-bye session to last us until we meet again Wednesday night.


scotty said...

Awww - sweetie ... you can whine all you like! I hate it too when dh is gone. Can you indulge in a little phone sex? :)

The Wild Man said...

May God reunite you with GR right on time.

Odo said...

Know what you mean. DW and I had to be separated a few years ago. Happened several times, sometimes for more than an overnight due to her parents illnesses in their last years. Even in their town, 45 min away, it seemed like 4500 miles. Makes an empty house/bed SO empty. Glad you two had a great goodbye session together.

I must comment on your recent entries. I admire and am a bit jealous of your wild and seemingly lengthy LM sessions. I have to say: "Geez, if ONLY!" DW and I are limited by the curses of aging. My ED and her progressing through menopause. Even with holistic health assistance (and me, "pharmaceutical augmentation". Erg!). But we try valiantly. As you said Saturday, occasionally one or both of us fail to O. But trying's fun anyway. From what you've said, I have to ask "whatever you two are eating/drinking, we want the recipe!". Talk about power drinks! Blessings to you. May God's presence keep you safe and secure until GR returns.


LIT56RD said...

I have some steamers, balloons, and a little bit of cake left from my last pitty party. Will let you have them to you if you would like.

Tulipsanticipation said...

At least you had some good loving before he left.
And it will probably be very good when he comes home as well!

Gemma said...

Thanks guys. One night down, one to go!

Hi Odo :-),

I don't know if our LMing quantity and quality has much to do with what we've been eating and drinking, which is basically a diet rich in Italian, French and Greek foods.

One other thing that I often talk about is for couples to maintain consistent rest and sleep. GR and I aim to be in bed at night by 8:30-9pm and we stay in bed until morning at 5-6am. You can't have energy for hot sex if you don't allow yourself adequate rest, sleep, good diet and exercise.

Regarding exercise outside the MB---

These last few months I have been waiting for surgery but because of regular abdominal pain, my doctors have been telling me to lay off the aerobic walking that I had been doing. Presently, when we're having sex I can feel the difference as my energy and stamina levels have been slightly lower than usual. Until my surgery is behind me, I can only do the best I can.

We owe it to ourselves and to our spouse to do all we can in caring for our bodies with good rest, sleep diet and exercise.... nothing magical.

Mr. Self Respect said...

Then there's my situation. No sex in 15 years, and counting. All efforts to revive sex life, totally fruitless. Spouse just gets angrier and angrier, every time that I try to do something constructive about the situation.

I am beginning to stop caring again. It seems utterly hopeless. I want to give up trying. The emotional cost of trying, and failing, is just becomming too great. I am sinking in a deep, deep depression.

Gemma said...

SR, in your case I firmly believe that all your efforts will be fruitless until you decide to to secure a lawyer and begin working with him/her. Several folks on TMB forum told you the same thing. I agree with them.

midwestman said...

Gemma, there is always the mechanical helpers in your toy bag to make your time away from GR a bit less lonely :) Go for it girl (although by the time I write this and you read and post it you will have marked off another hot steamy juicy wet and wild sex episode with GR)! LOL


Gemma said...

No episodes yet, mwm. GR's arriving home tonight and then;-)....

job29man said...


My DW goes for business trips (with my approval) once a month and it drives me into a sexual frenzy. Arrrgg.

I know what you are dealing with. The comfort we both have is that you and I are both wild about our wonderful mates.

What a blessing for you to have such a wonderful man that you have such a powerful desire for him!

Gemma said...

job, I know I am blessed with my husband. If there is a silver lining in his being away on business, it would be to remind me to always appreciate him and to appreciation our relationship.