Friday, December 5, 2008

Does anyone know if this was the first sex book ever written?

I was reading this article at and it got me thinking. Does anyone know if the original Kama Sutra was the first known sex book ever written? It was written around 350 A.D. in India.

Recently while shopping at our local B&N used book section, I purchased a $5, gently used, modern translation of it. This is the one I have: The Complete Kama Sutra: The First Unabridged Modern Translation of the Classic Indian Text [unabridged], ISBN: 0892814926 . It is a nice translation. I have seen several of the others and they all have too many nude photos for my taste. One of them even has mostly photos and little text; how useless!

Although there are some topics in the Kama Sutra which are non-compatible with the Christian marriage bed, it is easy to skip over those sections and focus on the rest of the book which is highly useful. Each time I read from it I find answers to many questions that are asked on Christian marriage sites.

So does anyone know if the original Kama Sutra was the first known sex book?


scotty said...

I'd have to say Song of Solomon was - if you want to call it a book ;-)

Don't know of any others.

So you have a nice weekend planned with GR?

Gemma said...

No, I mean a regular size book that explains in detail "how to do this", or "if that is your problem handle it this way"... a book that brings up a number of sexual issues and then explains in detail how to solve them.

I don't have time now but maybe in the next day or two I can get back here and list some of the issues that the Kama Sutra addresses.

Today GR and I are leaving for a company paid dinner and night's lodging, all at a local hotel.

scotty said...

[quote]Today GR and I are leaving for a company paid dinner and night's lodging, all at a local hotel.[/quote]
Sounds wonderful - have fun!

Gemma said...

Thanks. We did!

job29man said...

"Let his left hand be under my head, and let his right hand ebrace (i.e. caress) me."?

Song of Solomon 8:3

Sounds like foreplay instructions to me. Then there's climbing the tree, grabbing the clusters of dates...

Pretty cryptic, but enough to keep it out of the hands of Jewish youths for millenia.


herlover said...

And your Fox news reference has some other very interesting and helpful sex articles. Thanks for the tip.

Gemma said...

You are welcome, herlover. Yes, some of Fox sex articles are good and then... some aren't. It's quite a mix.

Gemma said...

You can plug in the ISBN number: 0892814926 for The Complete Kama Sutra at amazon's book search and when it brings the book up, you can "look inside" and see the Table of Contents. In this book they discuss just about any type of sexual issues you can think of and then give very detailed solutions for how to overcome them. It's a really intriguing book.

Gemma said...

SOS offers a good example of what to do and what attitudes to have with our spouse. The problem I have with *only* suggesting SOS on my blog is that so many who write on marriage blogs and forums don't have that totally, positive relationship with their spouse, esp not in the area of their marriage bed.

In "The Complete Kama Sutra" they explain what to do like in SOS but they also keep in mind, the sexual issues that come between couples to hinder sexual bliss. Kama Sutra contains tons of ideas and suggestions for what to do if there is a sexual issue with either the wife, the husband or both and it explains in detail how to overcome those issues.