Monday, November 10, 2008

Who says non-creative people cannot come up with creative ideas?

A couple of days ago while enjoying an afterglow, GR and I were discussing his upcoming business trip this week. He left today and will not be back until Thursday evening. Honestly, I have never talked with him about having phone sex because... well... because... I know he hates being on the phone. So much of his work time is spent giving tech support by phone so when he is not working, he normally does not make phone calls.

Anyway, we were talking about how much we will miss having sex together while he is gone. (This is all the time but I was reminding him.) I sadly told him, "I will most likely have to masturbate at least once before you get back." And then he told me, "We can talk on the phone while you masturbate." I nearly fell out of the bed right then!!! This was my very geeky husband coming up with a sexually creative idea all on his own. He never frequents message boards because he works with computers on his job so I know he did not read about phone sex on a message board.

A creative idea really came from my non-creative husband and he shared it with me. I think he might have even surprised himself when he came up with the idea; he certainly surprised me!

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