Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time out--- commercial ;-)

Don't forget to vote early enough to make it before the polls close this evening. We were told to expect 2-3 hours of standing in line. God had mercy on us. We arrived there at 8:45am to find one huge line which was wrapped around the exterior of the building, however, that line was for another district. Our district's line only had a small handful of people in front of us. Apparently most from our district either voted before work, or planned to vote during their lunch break or this evening after work. We were only at the polls for 45 minutes from the time we got in line until we were through voting. We drove away at 9:30.

One other thing I want to share about this and some of you may disagree-- I hope that whichever candidate wins, that we all can be gracious to those who didn't vote our way and that we can all rally behind our new president when he goes into office and show the utmost respect for his office, if nothing else. A number of my readers live in other countries but for those who are Americans--- Never forget that the entire world sees how we address our political leader. With politics, there is little that I hate more than to hear Americans refer to our president as "Clinton" or "Bush". We can all be good examples of showing respect by addressing our president by his correct title of "President McCain" or "President Obama". God bless America.


Anonymous said...


I greatly appreciate the tone of your blog message. Yes we do need to support whom ever wins and treat the office with respect. Even if "our candidate" did not win. Just like in marriage when there two opposing opinions. You must treat each other with respect.


Gemma said...

Thank you LIT, for your kind words. I speak from my heart.