Thursday, November 13, 2008

Serious question about dildos--

OK, it is a serious question but you can go ahead and laugh if it makes you happy! :-)

While looking at sex toy sites I have noticed that some of the dildos they sell are really big... no... I will have to say "huge"! Some of them are 2 or more inches wide and 7 or more inches long. If a wife were to use a dildo that was larger than her husband's penis, could the dildo stretch out her vagina and make it *permanently* larger? Or, does the vagina always spring right back to its normal size? I have been wondering about this for quite some time. Does anyone know?


Bev said...

I would say that your vagina would shrink back to normal size, it might take some kegals. It shrinks back after child birth maybe not right away. I don’t think they make dildos as big as a baby.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say something...I purchased one online that turned out to be absolutely huge, although I was not expecting anything so large when I ordered it. It actually stated "for novelty use only" on the package. I thought "there's NO way that's going to fit in me! LOL
Then I got excited thinking about trying it out, so I did. Well, I got it in (not the entire length, as it's probably 20" long)although it needed plenty of lube (the thing is HUGE). It didn't permanently stretch me out..just slightly for that evening. It doesn't get used often, but it's fun for some variety. :D

Anonymous said...

My wife has been using the 2" and larger dildo's for a few years. Has not bothered her at all, although she only inserts them max 6"'s. Great visual for me.

Anonymous said...

gemma, your question definitely causes the mind to wander. bev makes a good point. Not being a medical person, approaching from a common sense standpoint, after childbirth, the birth canal obviously returns to a somewhat normal state, it would have to. Society and humans being what we are, some of us more so, slightly or not so slightly weird, women and men are apt to insert strange sized things into our bodily orifices. And sometimes with damage resulting. Hopefully, those around your blog and TMB are not of that weirdness persuasion! I can't imagine doing that to DW, or her wanting to do that to herself. She says I fit right nicely, but we have been contemplating trying a sex toy, thanks in part to your page's web listings. But nothing larger than me, thankfully! BTW, my last/first posting to you under your post about thankfulness to each other? Because of my comment to you, I had a flash of incite about a screen name. I said neither of us look like our age "odometer readings". Since we have been dyed-in-the-wool Star Trek freaks since the original series, it hit me, "Odo" would be a perfect screen name, for the "changling" Constable Odo on the Deep Space 9 series. At least it made sense to me. Sorry for the long ramble! See you around as "Odo"! I will sign up as soon as I post this as "anonymous".

Gemma said...

See, Bev, that's what I would want to avoid... stretching it out where it would take kegals to get it back to its original size.

Anon, your dildo is 20 inch long dildo? It must be like the length of a child's baseball bat! I can see why they tagged it as "novelty only" though I'm sure the visual is loads of fun to watch :-).

Anon said:
"My wife has been using the 2" and larger dildo's for a few years. Has not bothered her at all, although she only inserts them max 6"'s. Great visual for me."

I cannot imagine using one wider than 2". Recently I purchased one that I've been using which has dimensions of 6 7/8" L and 1 1/2" W. I've used it on my Love Glider and also as a "stand-alone" dildo.

Well, smarty me---
I was curious to see what a slightly wider dildo would feel like and I wanted one with a suction-cup base. Instead of ordering one that was 1 3/4" W, which would have been a sensible width increase, I ordered a suction-cup dildo that is 2" W and 7.5" L. The length is not an issue (ie, handle room). But the 2" width... it definitely requires lube and even then, it's an extremely tight fit.

GR doesn't feel quite that wide inside me so I guess I'm just wondering if this 2" W dildo is safe for me to use. I don't want to see my parts get stretched out ;-). But I do love the suction-cup feature as a nice variety even if I can't insert the entire length.

Anon, if you and dw purchase a toy, I hope you guys enjoy it. And "Odo" is a fine username.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so..I have had several chidren and I also use a larger than dh dildo on occassion and I have never felt stretched out ..according to dh.

Gakkuri Neko said...

I have to agree with the other posters in this. Now, while childbirth can often change the size of your vagina, it's usually only minimally, and that also has to do with the pelvic bones spreading from the pregnancy as well as the actual birth canal.

So the use of an oversized sex toy (provided you use LOTS of lube) should not permanently change you. The vagina was created to be very elastic, otherwise, we would be pretty unhappy after giving birth, as would most of our husbands... >_>

So play away, but use moderation, right? ^_^

Gemma said...

Moderation in size is subjective, don't you think? I mean, I'm trying to figure out if a 2" wide dildo is moderate??? All I do know is that it feels very wide when I insert it. If I didn't use enough coconut oil it would hurt so I have to be careful using it. As long as I use enough CO, the dildo offers a good, very full feeling.

My dh doesn't mind that the dildo is slightly wider than he. I'm the only one who is concerned that it could cause permanent stretching. Maybe I'm just being goofy and worrying for nothing???

luvmygirls said...

If I recall, gemma, I posted a similar concern from the male perspective (i.e., DW using a toy larger than myself) and was told in no uncertain terms not to worry about it. Of course I did use the term of "being replaced" and was told a H could never be replaced by a toy. However, my initial concern was the same as you are now posting: will it stretch out a woman to where she would need larger to be satisfied. While I was looking at it from a physical standpoint, many of the responses were from an emotional standpoint. For the record, I'm not upset or calling out hypocrisy, which it is not. It just seems to me that I'm not the only one concerned about such an issue.

Gemma said...


I vaguely remember you asking about that but I remember it as you asking about it from the emotional POV rather than a physical one. No?

Anyway, I'm thinking about getting a dildo that is 1 3/4" wide so it will be more comfortable to use. Although I've only used this 2" one a handful of times, it is sometimes a killer to use. 1/34" would be just right.