Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Have you ever had disoriented episodes after sex?

Early this morning GR was saying that he had to be getting up (to shower) so.... I got him up.... and we enjoyed a quickie. Afterwards he went and showered while I got stuff going in the kitchen so he would not be late for work.

First thing I did-- I got coffee going, or so I thought. I put fresh coffee in the coffee maker and went on to do other things. After GR arrived in the kitchen I noticed that the coffee was not brewing. "Oh my,"I told him, "I must have forgotten to turn on the coffee maker," so I hit the ON switch and went on to other things. Five minutes later he grins at me and asks, "Do I have to make the coffee from here on?" "You forgot to put water in the coffee maker!"

I mean, do you ever have disoriented episodes like this after sex?


Tulipsanticipation said...

I can relate! Never had anything quite like this happen, but I do sometimes get rather absentminded after good sex. And my legs will sometimes feel like rubber.

Gemma said...

Yup, your legs and your "sit-upon" sometimes feel like you've been horseback riding! hehe