Thursday, October 2, 2008

Husbands (or wives speaking for husbands), would this have bothered you?

For the husbands or for wives to reply for their husbands---

Would this have bothered you? It did not seem to be a problem for us this morning but I felt almost guilty afterwards and wanted to know how others would have felt in the same situation. By no means is this a negative reflection on GR, just so you know.

This morning, GR and I woke up late...late for us. It was already 5:30 and he leaves for work at 6:30. He knew that we didn't have time for both of us to O... I take longer... so he would have been content to simply lie there beside me and wait until tonight for sex; that's the way he is. However, we did not have sex last night so I knew he was horny, although I was still half asleep. I began giving him a HJ and because he loves PIV-IC, I quickly moved us in that direction. He enjoyed it all and O'd and then began helping me O but I looked at the clock and knew that he barely had time to shower, eat and get on the road so I told him, "We don't really have any more time." He knew it too and reluctantly got out of bed and went to take a fast shower.

Weeelllllll, much as I didn't want him late for work, now I was fully awake and... horny. Even if I start out not being terribly aroused, during or after PIV I have to O. So while he showered I got a vibe out and took care of myself just for the sexual release. When he came back to the bedroom to quickly finish dressing I told him what happened. He didn't seem to mind but I know him and I know he might have been feeling guilty for getting his without giving me mine, kwim?

All you husbands out there, would this have been an issue for you? If so, what would you have preferred your wife to do in this situation? I know that this evening I will check again to see what he thought about it because I do not want him feeling badly for something that I started and he did not have time to finish. After all, it was not his fault.

Thanks for listening.



Who am I said...

I think I would have been fine with it, and maybe even a little turned on for tonight knowing that my wife was bold enough to help herself that way.

Tulipsanticipation said...

I wouldn't think this would be an issue for my husband as long, maybe if in telling him about it you follow it up with something like, "but that only curbed my appetite; I'll still want you to do it better later tonight."

Or maybe if you had joined him in the shower and had him watch or help out as you finished there.

I'm unfamiliar with what PIV stands for, if you filled me in maybe I could get a better understanding of the circumstance.

Gemma said...

wai, I don't know if it is boldness but it was definitely my high-SD kicking in after PIV to where I was aroused with no place else to go.

Gemma said...


I did follow up my "confession" with, "I needed the sexual release but it would have been so much nicer with you there in the bed with me."

There was no time to join him in the shower. As it was, he was running late and had to shower quickly.

PIV= penis in vagina
IC= intercourse

Mr.Mizer said...

I would love for my DW to do that, it would be a turn on for me.

Gemma said...

We talked. GR felt badly that we ran out of time yesterday morning but he was fine with me taking care of myself. The main concern that he voiced was, "I know you needed the release. Did you O?" :-)

Sometimes you never know for sure what your spouse is thinking when there is little time to talk. Whenever I have doubt, I always prefer to go back and double check rather than assume that everything's fine.

And, Mizer, just like your comment, GR was turned on by it. He knows that when I have to O, I have to O. There is no putting it off.

walkhisway said...

I would not have a problem that. Circumstances were unusual.

job29man said...


The fact that you TOLD him as soon as he exited the shower says it all. It tells that you have a GREAT relationship with him and can tell him anything at all.

How could there be any friction about a little MB in such a circumstance when the marriage is so HOT with communication in the first place? That is the envy of most people.

This is the kind of communication I have with Mrs. Job29man. We can and DO tell each other ANYTHING.

No guilt here at all.

Gemma said...

There is no way that I could have MB in the bedroom while he was showering and kept it secret. If I hadn't told him, I would have been guilt-ridden, rightly so.

In your opinion, why is this type of communication so hard for most married couples?

luvmygirls said...

Because it still states vulnerability. Many are in marriages where there are sensitive issues that you don't address either for your own feelings or for those of the other person.

Suppose you and GR had been where you were a few years ago and you had a sudden urge (oddly enough), but he wasn't around to satisfy it. Had you taken care of it yourself while he wasn't getting much or any of that attention, I'm sure he would have been heartbroken. Your mutual attentiveness and sexual appetite makes the act and the confession of it both appropriate and comfortable. Besides, he knows he won't have to wait a month before he gets to ML with you again. It will only be a few hours most likely. That knowledge calms a lot of fears that many have.

Gemma said...

I see what you're saying, LMG. Boy, we sure bring on a whole host of problems when sex in marriage is not where it should be.

Honestly, coming from a POV of where I was and where I am now.....

It seems to me that it is easier to patch up emotional upheaval when the sex is healthy than it is to patch up sexual lack when emotions seem to be good. (Did I say that right? I'm just waking up and my brain is still coming alive.)

Mark said...

This wouldn't bother me at all, as long as she didn't keep it a secret from me.

In fact it would turn me on, as I love it when my wife has an orgasm. :-)


Gemma said...

Mark, that seems to be the general consensus... that it would be fine as long as spouse would tell about it rather than keep it secret. That's what I did, I MB and then told him.

Mark said...

Hey, what hubby would object to his wife masturbating, as long as she isn't doing it to replace him. :-)