Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What does your Church teach about marriage?

If our Christian Faith is the glue that holds our marriages together, why are so many Christian marriages suffering? It breaks my heart to read all the stories of those struggling with physical and emotional intimacy. What are we doing wrong with our Faith where it is not helping as much as it should? Shouldn't our Faith be spilling over into our natural married lives?

I am curious--

What does your own church teach about "marriage"? Do you feel their teachings are sufficient for healthy intimacy? Does your church even teach anything on this topic? I am a Christian Orthodox although OCA is not the church we belong to. I took the liberty of posting here , an article that the OCA church teaches on "marriage". I am wondering how different this article is from what is taught at your own church? Do you feel that your church's teachings on marriage are sufficient or do you feel it needs to be revamped? Do you feel that both you and your spouse have a clear understanding of what Christ Jesus wants for your marriage?

I have heard many folks comment that they would like to teach a course on marital sexuality in their church. Do you see yourself possibly moving into that type of ministry anytime in the near or far away future? It seems that many churches have a need in this area.


midwestman said...

Our church teaches nothing about marriage intimacy. We have been attending for about 8 years and I have never seen any class taught on marriage, period. It is a Baptist church, preaches the word 100% in classes and services so I have no issues with it's teachings. However, I do feel it totally fails in any marriage help teaching. And yes, I would like to drive having a class on marriage relationships. Not sure if I am the right one to teach it but if there was no one else and there was a cirriculum...


Gemma said...

That seems to be so common, mwm. Churches may teach the Word 100% but they aren't teaching 100% of the Word, if that makes sense. If they were, marriage teachings would be on the agenda, right?

Tulipsanticipation said...

Our church offers pre-marital counseling done by couples in the church who have been married for a while. I think this is a great service.
They also offer a class for newlyweds on an assortment of topics, including sex.

I could see a course more specifically for sex in the future, but understand it is a tricky thing to maneuver.
Seems like it would have to be offered just for married couples in order to keep engaged couples from temptation.

Maybe a good way to go about this is to go through a book. I would highly recommend Sheet Music.
If you based the course on a book it keeps discussion on track, gives a good starting point, and keeps it from developing into a free-for-all sharing time. There is something to be said for keeping your marriage bed sacred and private.

Gemma said...

Couples who are soon to be married and even newlyweds could certainly benefit from a course covering all of intimacy- spiritual, emotional and physical. A good book which also has a group study guide could be useful for that.

For couples who have been married a while but "missed the boat" for these teachings, I think a different course would be nice, probably one that focuses mostly on sex since sex is one of the main reasons for marital issues, with finances being the other.

Sheet Music could be good. I wonder if Leman would ever consider writing a SG to go with it?