Sunday, September 14, 2008

i want you

I read this poem today and it reminded me of how I felt this morning at 3am when I woke GR. When I get this way it makes me crazy where I can hardly focus on anything else, not even sleep. We are both this way. How do you feel when you want your spouse? Does he or she understand the intensity of your desire during those times?

i want to sing
a piercing note
lazily throwing my legs
across the moon
my voice carrying all the way
over to your pillow
i want you

i need i swear to loll
about the sun
and have it smelt me
the ionosphere carrying
my ashes all
the way over
to your pillow
i want you

~nikki giovanni


midwestman said...

I feel this way at times too - just really want her. Unfortunately, the feeling never seems to be reciprocated. Even at times when we're on the way upstairs to ML, she can get distracted by things along the way while meanwhile I'm just ready to rock and roll with her...needless to say that drives me up a wall...


Gemma said...


If you don't like poetry at all you may think this to be a goofy idea but have you ever thought of reading love poems aloud to your dw just before heading upstairs? Does she enjoy poetry at all? If you've never seen her read poetry, do you think she might learn to develop the interest?

I'm asking these questions because, until about 2 years ago I never used to read love poems but now I really enjoy them. I'll go ahead and jot down the names of a few of my favorite poetry books in case you think it might help. You can compare the books at amazon.

*Pablo Neruda, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, ISBN: 0-14-243770-0

*Edited by Sam Hamill, The Erotic Spirit, ISBN: 1-57062-234-5

*Edited by Peter Washington, Erotic Poems, ISBN: 0-679-4322-4

Both of these edited by Wendy Maltz

*Intimate Kisses, ISBN: 1-57731-445-X

I probably have most or all of these books listed on my main blog page.

*Passionate Hearts, ISBN: 1-57731-122-1

Now if your dw really dislikes poetry, take heart. I've been delving into Nicholas Sparks novels lately. This is not your typical romance novel... not at all. His books have real plots to them and many of his plots are based on true stories from those in his family. Perhaps your dw would enjoy you reading aloud novels like these rather than poetry?

Here is the link to Sparks' website: . You can see what I'm talking about. If your dw is a words/book person, reading poetry or novels aloud may be helpful.

midwestman said...

Wow, can't imagine us sitting around reading poetry - thats just so far out of both of our norms! But the reading idea does spark an interest - she loves being read to so I may think about that...thanx!


Gemma said...

I only thought about reading to your dw because you mentioned her being distracted at bedtime. Reading is a good way to get the mind back "on topic", you know? Sometimes even 15-20 min of reading can make a huge difference. You can get a good idea at the Sparks website to see if you think your dw may be interested in the books. I love them and I love the movies as well. There are currently 3 movies on Sparks' books with a 4th one coming to the theater in about a week.