Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Five days apart-- woe is me!

Oh, woe is me!!! GR is having to leave town for a business trip. He's leaving in the morning and won't be back until Monday evening. Major bummy!!! And I can't go with him because our girls are currently in college and working part-time jobs. Our oldest has her drivers permit but not her license yet. She will be getting her license very, very soon. Until then, I have to be here to tote them to school and work.

Guess what GR and I will be doing tonight and/or early in the morning before he leaves? I realize that absence makes the heart grow fonder but if our hearts grow any more fonder, they will bust! How do you handle things when you and your spouse are apart? It's not like I have nothing to do. On the contrary, there are many things in my life to keep me busy. But what do you do when you are apart from your spouse and you get to missing them? The nights, especially, are so lonely when we are away from each other. We are used to wrapping our bodies around each other when we sleep.

Please keep us in your prayers these next few days.


job29man said...

Dear Gemma,

I can very much relate to your heartache at having your husband gone. My dear wife goes on business trips from time to time and it causes my heart to ache each time. The empty bed at night. No one to sit on the couch with me at night and snuggle. No one to make love to each night.

Each night we come to bed nude, make love and fall asleep tangled up.

When she is gone, my heart is empty.

Gemma said...

Yes, us too... go to bed nude each night, make love, fall asleep entwined. It's a lovely habit when we are together but it leaves an empty space in my heart when we are apart.

midwestman said...

I deeply envy both of you and your seeminly effortless sexual relationship. Its simply a matter of everyday routine (not saying that ML has become routine) that you ML - no asking, no wondering, no fear of rejection, etc. You are both blessed to have this.


Gemma said...

But mwm, most of why it's easy for us is because we are both high-SD. We both enjoy sex all the time. And we both love PIC-IC.

I posted a comment about this on TMB today in a thread that Job started. Some were saying that PIV-IC is too much trouble for their low-SD spouse. I really don't get that at all. PIV-IC can be so fast--- I mean, you can do a quickie in 5-10 minutes. They were saying how their spouse might be more willing to do HJ or OS when they don't feel up to PIV-IC. It seems to me that HJ or OS would take longer than PIV?

We don't do quickies all the time but when we're tired and still want a sexual connection, quickies are great.

Don't be too jealous. GR and I struggle more with emotional intimacy. In the bedroom, everything's easy for us. Outside the bedroom, we have to work harder at our relationship.