Saturday, September 27, 2008

Feeling nostalgic?

Bear with me-- I am feeling nostalgic today. My mom's been gone for over 6 years now. I remember her sharing so many stories of the old days, late 1940's-early 1950's, when Mom and Dad were fairly new parents and poor as church mice. Going on dates at that time was financially challenging for them but in spite of the challenge, they still figured out how to romance each other. Thought I would share a couple of her stories in an effort to entice some of you to do likewise and share some of your own, older memories of your parents or of a long ago time in your own life.

Back in the late 40's my mom quit high school to get married. She and Dad were both young and began having kids a couple of years into the marriage. Before long, they found themselves with several kids but still.... no money. I remember Mom telling me that when they needed a break, my grandmother or one of my aunts would babysit while my parents would go out on a cheap date. I was one of the middle kids so I remember many of those times. On one such date they would go out and buy 2 cokes and just walk through town sipping on coke. This was at a time when you could buy a coke for 5 cents so it was a 10 cents date.

Our church's mens group sponsored a weekly dance that was free for the group members and their spouses. My parents always loved to dance and since my dad was a member, once a week they were able to go dancing for free. They became very good at finding creative, cheap ways to go on dates during those years when money was tight.

A side note---

Although I have never discussed details with them, I assume that my parents must have enjoyed a healthy, active sex life. They always took time for dates and they ended up having 8 children. As the oldest kids were getting married Mom was still having babies. Up until the time she passed on, Mom and Dad could often be seen kissing or hugging. They'd even watch tv with arms wrapped around each other. Our background is a mix of French and Italian which I'm sure contributed to the affections they shared but I have to believe that some of it was plain old "being in love".

Do you have any old romantic or sexual stories to share? Has your upbringing, in any way, positively affected the sex and/or romance in your marriage? Do tell!


job29man said...

DW and I are in that "many kids, little money" situation. We like to pop out for an ice cream cone at Baskin Robbins together.

Or we'll go out to lunch (at half the dinner price) and sometimes just buy one entre and split it.

As a special sex date I remember once, when I had just bought my new truck DW said "We need to break in that truck." She took me out in it, drove to the middle of our field. We climbed into the back seat and had her way with me! It was broad daylight! Very erotic! Great memories!

Gemma said...

Don't feel badly, Job. We're still doing "few kids, little money" while we work on helping our 2 get through college.

We do the lunch thing too when we are able, when GR takes a vacation day or few days. It doesn't happen enough for us with GR working M-F most weeks.

Often, we'll buy one entree to share and order an extra salad so we can get our veggies in ;-).

We live 5 minutes away from a small lake so that's always a fun place to go hang out for free.

Last year through GR's job, we enjoyed a hotel night after the company Christmas party which is always held in this same hotel. This year, I want to reserve an extra night so we can really enjoy the break from parenting. It's right here in our town so in an emergency, we can get home in 15 minutes.