Saturday, August 9, 2008

Time to catch up!

After talking with GR today I'm realizing that he is withholding some of his sexual affections from me out of concern for my health. He is worried that PIV-IC might make things worse for me before this health issue gets all cleared up. I am married to such a dear but truth be told, this past week I have sorely missed the level of sexual frequency that we are accustomed to enjoying. So without further ado, he and I will head off to bed and catch up on some hot love making. And you should, too!


Who am I said...

So glad you are willing to log off and go fuck your husband. Hope you had a great time in spite of your physical limitations.

Gemma said...

Willing? More like anxious! As mwm so kindly pointed out, right when I thought we were heading to bed that night, another work call came in so I did a few more things on the computer while he finished on the phone.

My early mornings sitting on the porch is wonderfully calming but my other favorite time of day is when we head to the bedroom at night and lock the door. GR and I can shut out the world and become lost in our passion.