Sunday, August 10, 2008

Taking care of your body during sex!

Does any of this scare you? Not me! I mean, I've given myself a few strained muscles being overly zealous but it was my own fault, truly. Taking care of your body during sex should be common sense. Does the author not have any? Is that why she wrote this?

In her article Ms. Fulbright asks, "So how can you avoid injury when caught up in a bout of excessive sexual desire?" Duh... if it doesn't feel good, stop doing it . Perhaps I'm too simple-minded for this article; am I missing something?


midwestman said...

Wow, this is not rocket science stuff here! If you experience most of the stuff she talks about here, you must be a super-sex-athalete - WOW!

BTW, I noticed that you wrote your post "Time to catch up" at 6:50pm wherein you said "Without further to bed and catch up on some hot fucking." Your next post was time stamped 7:14, 24 minutes later. Must have been one hot hard quick session :)


Gemma said...

Hehe.. you noticed that, huh mwm? GR's on call and we WERE heading off to bed and then he received another work call. You know-- duty calls!

midwestman said...

Awwww bummer. But I'm sure you made up for it later ;)

Gemma said...

Yes we did. Phone calls are easier than calls to run out on the job site. And phone calls BEFORE we're in the midst of being sexually engaged, are better than phone calls that come in when we're right in the middle of an activity. How do you say, "Hold that position," when you have to take a work call... especially if GR's hands are.... um, busy when the phone rings?