Friday, August 15, 2008

Surgery news- and seeking upper-body exercises

Hi folks--- Just a quick note here as I'm getting ready to hit the bed again.

Please forgive my lack of writing. I am adjusting to news of surgery. Yesterday, the surgeon told GR and me that I have two large hernias which are on top each other. My excess weight [What? ... don't most of us have some excess weight?] is mostly stomach weight due to lovely gene pool. Soooo....

The surgeon told us that he will be operating along side a plastic surgeon so they can tighten up my stomach area while removing the hernias. Per his words-- It will be a huge surgery followed by a longer-than-I-care-to-think recup period and will take place in about 1-2 months, so I'm thinking September or October. We won't meet the plastic surgeon until mid September, unless they get a cancellation.

Meanwhile, back at the old ranch--- I wait, deal with pain every few hours, stay close to the bed so I can jump in it when the pain gets bad and pray to God that these two surgeons are at their best on surgery day. I can't stand sloppy work.

The surgeon seems great, really great. I told him, "No hiding info from me, OK? Just be honest with me throughout this whole thing." He promised. I asked him if having sex would hurt things. [OK, I didn't say "having sex"... I said "relations with my dh".] He said, "Use your judgment. If nothing hurts, go for it."

Amazingly, when GR and I have sex, there is no pain. I purposely asked the doc about that in front of GR so he would finally believe me. He's been sort of worrying about causing me pain during sex but I always say, "If anything hurts, I'll tell you and we will stop."

We have Y memberships. I'm seeking out good exercises for chest, shoulders, arms, neck and back. Oh, and I guess my feet and toes ;-). Those are the areas I am allowed to exercise between now and surgery. No muscle strain allowed in stomach or legs. I was doing 3-4 aerobic walking miles a day but can't do that now. So please post your ideas.



Mr. A said...

Sorry to hear about the impending surgery. Lord have mercy.

Women's Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier offers a selection of exercises with detailed descriptions and drawings of proper form. I've heard that women should focus on high reps (more than 30) and low weight (start with 5 pounds). But if you are shooting for weight loss, I've heard that sound diet and frequent cardio are much more effective than weight training.

Gemma said...

Thanks, mr. a. I'll see if my library has the book you mention. I was doing frequent cardio with the aerobic walking but now that that is at a halt, I have to find something that leaves my stomach and legs alone for a season.

Who am I said...

Sorry you are going to need surgery. Sorry it seems pretty major. I am guessing you would just assume get it over with than wait. Maybe something will move up for you.

Glad you can still enjoy fucking with GR.

walkhisway said...

have you ever tried yoga?

Anonymous said...

How can you have sex without using stomach and leg muscles?

You are probably feeling no pain because of the endorphin boost you get during sex so just be careful and don't cause further injury because you can't feel it!

Gemma said...

Wai, the sooner the better for surgery, as far as I'm concerned. Once we meet the plastic surgeon and both doctors do all their pre-surgery consulting back and forth, it will be "a go". Thanks.

whw, I've never tried yoga because it always seems to require a lot of good balance, of which I have little. Now, if you know of a yoga DVD that will allow me to leave my stomach and leg muscles alone, I'd be willing to look at it. Thanks.

Gemma said...

anonymous said:
"How can you have sex without using stomach and leg muscles?"

Very carefully ;-) and by knowing which ways I can move my body without causing more problems with the hernias. Yes, I'm being really careful. Thanks.

Mr. A said...

I was doing frequent cardio with the aerobic walking but now that that is at a halt, I have to find something that leaves my stomach and legs alone for a season.

Did a search. Came up with this:

I would think the back stroke would be better than the breast stroke for avoiding working the abs, especially with a flotation device supporting the legs. But speak with a swim instructor at the Y for expert advice. Hope this helps.

Gemma said...

I will be double checking on any exercise I may end up trying just to be safe. Thanks.