Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Possible surgery

Well, folks, I thought I'd mention this now. It appears that I may soon be needing surgery for what my doc believes to be a hernia. I've noticed it for several months and for at least this last month, I've been dealing with off/on pain. The past week, pain and burning sensation has been hitting me about every three hours. For relief, I have to lie down a bit. Then I get up for a few more hours and then have to lie down again. Day after tomorrow I go in for a CT-scan. Soooo... if I temporarily disappear, you'll know why.

Yes, I should have seen the doc sooner. Been smacking my forehead about that.

GR is so funny sometimes. At 5 this morning he asks me how I was feeling. It's usually fine upon awakening so I tell him so. He starts babbling about not wanting to irritate anything with the hernia, hinting around that maybe we shouldn't have sex but I assure him that I'll alert him if anything begins hurting.

We are just getting heated up when....

GR's phone rings... not once, but twice... same person.... someone from work needing his help. During second call as I am giving him a *gentle* HJ so he can still complete his call, I overhear him tell this person that he has to see if he can find the info on his laptop and then he'll call him back. GR hangs up the phone and starts to roll over to get out of bed but I grab him and say, "I am your laptop. See what you can find on me!"

So I finally get his attention even for only a quickie :-). I love his dedication to his job.... and his dedication to me :-).


Sensuous Wife said...

Oh! I pray you feel all better soon. Whether it's surgery or meds or just an out and out healing, whatever it takes. I am asking God that you be well.

Mark said...


You will be in my prayers.


Who am I said...

Sorry you maybe facing surgery, and that you have had discomfort. Glad you have kept a positive attitude about sex through it all.

Mizer said...

Sorry to here about possible hernia. I went through that two years ago and still can feel it.