Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Giving up minutes of sleep time for sex

Last night, it felt good to be woke in the middle of the night by my horny dh. We hadn't done a 3am session in a while. GR barely woke me, just enough to make love until he O'd. I was too sleepy to try for my own O but still, it felt so good both physically and emotionally to know that my dh needed me in the middle of the night and that I was there to care for him.

Sometimes our sexual needs come up at strange times that may not seem convenient. GR and I enjoy doing this back and forth for each other, after all, who wants to wake horny during the night and have to deal with it all alone when mere minutes can make such a huge difference?

Do you and your spouse ever do this? If one of you objects to interrupted sleep, have you given it an honest try? You might be surprised how easy it is to wake, do a quickie and then resume sleep. And nobody has to lie awake in misery. Btw- This is the reason GR and I always, ALWAYS sleep nude.


midwestman said...

I would love to do that occasionally but DW has made it very clear over the years that she does NOT want to be awakened for sex. Yes, we have done it a few times in our marriage, but very few. But I think middle of the night sex can be very good...

You guys really need to come see our bed frame so the two of you get to know each other :D


Gemma said...

What if you guys traded new experiences. You try one of hers and she tries one of yours. Makes yours- for her to be willing to wake up for middle of night sex... to just do it and then go back to sleep.

Of course, it would be helpful to choose a night where she doesn't have to wake early for work or anything like that.

This could be fun for some dws: Wake in middle of night for sex, then go out for a romantic breakfast... or have one already set up in the kitchen. Perhaps having another fun activity to follow up sex, would be enticing.

:::You guys really need to come see our bed frame so the two of you get to know each other :D

Yes, I know, mwm. Tomorrow I see the surgeon. I'm hoping for very soon surgery so I can get it and the recup period behind me. Then I can focus on more fun things, like meeting you and your dw IRL and seeing that bed frame.

Dave Carrol said...

it would have to be a pretty unique "perfect storm" moment. I think it's only ever happen when one of the kids has woken us both up and we're alert.

Again... the perfect storm

Gemma said...

Ouch... that would be a storm for me, being awake with an awakened child. Not too conducive to impulsive, quick sex.

And if you try something like this with littles in the house, you'd want to do it at the time of night when they'd be least likely to be awake. [Kids have a habit of waking around the same time during the night.]