Thursday, August 7, 2008

An odd experience

Today, I had a CT-scan. I don't know if all women feel this but before they took "pictures" the tech told me that I would begin feeling heat through my body. Well, honey, let me tell you... I could feel that heat begin at my head and I felt it travel all the way down to my clit. I'm sure it must have continued on through my legs and feet but I was too shocked to pay attention to it beyond my clit. What an odd experience!

Next Thurs Aug 14, GR and I meet with the doc to discuss results and talk about a game plan to fix whatever is wrong with me. Please think good thoughts for me.


midwestman said...

You should have gone there with a vibe in (and turned off) and let the CT energy make it work for you :D


Gemma said...

Only you would think of that, mwm, lol. Maybe I should have but somehow, sitting on that hard "bed" with half your body in "the tunnel" and two techs operating the CT-scan and watching you... well, there's nothing there to encourage thoughts of Oing ;-).

But it was weird. I could feel the heat starting around my head and neck and was actually able to follow it as it gradually "traveled" down to my clit. It must have kept going down through my legs and on to my feet, I suppose, but I was so shocked when it hit my clit that I lost all train of thought.