Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life is good!

GR and I took some extra time yesterday and this morning to enjoy more intimacy. And for those of you who are already thinking, "What? They just talked?"... oh, you are so, so wrong ;-). To be honest, the news from the doc kind of did a job on my head. I mean, I knew I had been experiencing pain for several months but I had no idea that fixing it would involve major surgery. So.....

Yesterday our girls decided, with our encouragement, to go to the theater and eat out afterwards. GR and I had the house to ourselves. Can we say "Yiippee!!!!" Typically, the girls are on opposite schedules where one of them seems to be home at all times. [NOTE TO SELF: Work on syncronizing the girls' schedules.]

GR and I planned this ahead so first thing we did after the girls left was to pull out all our marriage books and spread them out. Recently, he's been wanting to read one so I gave him a brief idea of what was covered in each book. We separated the books into two piles-- those covering sex and those covering emotional intimacy with some sprinklings of sex talk in the mix. So he chose one that focused on emotional intimacy, our struggle area, and set it aside. Then we moved on to other things.

We enjoyed some brie, crackers, grapes and wine. Afterwards we retreated to our bedroom. The rest of our alone time was spent just enjoying each others' bodies. We made love and we talked and we ML and we talked some more. It was just what the doctor ordered. With the kids gone, I was able to be as loud as needed so that was so freeing.

Last night we had sex again when we went to bed. Then this morning we ML some more. Dang, it's not like we haven't been enjoying a high frequency of sex lately but we seem to be experiencing a higher than usual need for it these couple days. Maybe it's the added stress, I don't know. At any rate, we are better today than we were Friday and I am certainly better today. I am just so thankful that in the midst of all my pain, GR and I can still enjoy passionate sex to help keep me centered. I realize that after surgery some things will be temporarily put on hold but I trust God that we'll be able to handle that when we get to it.

Life is good. Do not waste precious time that you could be sharing in intimate moments with your spouse. Live today as if it is your last day. Shower your spouse with passion every. single. day.


midwestman said...

Good for you guys!!!! Isn't it GREAT to have the house to yourself? We used to have that opportunity every Wednesday for about 3 hours when the girls were both gone. Not so for the last two years and I'm really tired of having to restrain activities and sounds when we have sex. Don't see any end in sight for it either - schedules are just not the same now that one DD is in college and the other a senior in HS.

Got a question. When you talk about struggling with emotional intimacy, what zackly do you mean? For a guy anyway, there's no more emotional intimacy than making love to a woman. Just curious...

See ya


Gemma said...

Yes it is wonderful to hog the house. GR and I decided that we need to send the girls on regular outings, even if only 1-2 times a month so we can take over the house ;-).

Struggling emotionally---
OK, GR and I occasionally say the wrong things to each other which ends up causing friction between us. We've vastly improved in this area but there is still room for improvement.

The way sex touches our emotional intimacy-- Sometimes GR and I can enjoy a passionate romp in the sack only to turn around a few hours later outside the bedroom and snip at each other. Or, we snip outside the bedroom and then a few hours later fuck each others eyeballs out.

I haven't quite figured out why we still struggle with this but we do. But we're aware of it and we're working on it and we hope that things will continue to get better in that department.

I'm always open to suggestions. Anybody have a clue why we might do that? Why any couple would do that when the sex is frequent and always hot for both of us?

Does that zackly help, mwm?

Who am I said...

As far as how you or I can go from having a wonderful time with our spouse to snipping- and I hate it as much as you do, when I do it- my best explanation is our sin nature. It is so frustrating- what was it Apostle Paul said- I want to do good, but sin is right there with me.

As far as going from snipping to passionate fucking- I wish we were more able to make that transition- sometimes we do, when we take time to work out the issue- or say those difficult words "I'm sorry."

BTW- our daughter leaves for college in the morning- looking forward to being able to be more verbal during lovemaking, and to utilize more rooms.

Gemma said...

Yup, those darn sin natures, grrrrr.....