Friday, August 22, 2008

Just an ordinary day

Last night I hit the bed early... alone... in serious pain from too much required time on my feet during the day. Besides getting my kids to and from work, several hours of my day were taken up with a long appointment with my family doc. He and I talked for over an hour, discussing my surgery options. The driving back and forth to his office was another hour.

Sounds like the game plan for surgery will be slightly different than what was originally planned. My family doc will not be operating but he will be the one orchestrating the other 3 surgeons. Yes, we will have 3 surgeons involved in this. What do they say?- "Four heads are better than one!" Tentative surgery date is still on for late Sept or sometime in Oct while all the docs put together a plan. GR and I still have 2 more surgeons to meet.

Last night, GR was at a required business/pleasure minor league baseball game. I heard the scoop from him at 2am. He tried calling me when he left the ballgame to say he was on his way but I must have been zonked out as I didn't hear my cell ringing from my nightstand and I always hear it.

When he arrived home around 11 he attempted to wake me for sex but I was still zonked out. Then around 1am we somehow hooked up and both enjoyed a session. Afterwards he was asking me what the doc had to say. I'm relaying all the info to him and it suddenly dawns on me and I ask him, "Hey, why are we discussing my surgery plans at 2am?" It's bad when you have to discuss these things in the middle of the night. We talked a bit about the ballgame and then drifted off to sleep.

GR got up for work, told me to stay in bed and he left at 6:30am while I was sleeping, for a change. Most work mornings I am downstairs by 5:30; not today. I had nowhere to be so I enjoyed some extra, much needed sleep.

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