Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ethnicity and orgasms

Occasionally, you read on marriage forums where someone will ask about the relationship between ethnicity and sex. Even I have asked about it a time or two. This article shows results of a survey where they believe that difficulties in achieving orgasms could be linked to ethnicity. Thoughts?


midwestman said...

I'm wondering how much the culture plays into this. Chinese culture is very closed, shy, etc. whereas Italian is very open and sensual (you should know ;) ). My guess is it has less to do with anything physical than it does with the attitudes and what is considered acceptable within the culture.


Gemma said...

I really do find the possible connection rather fascinating. GR and I have very close family members who are Asian and Black/Hispanic. We see these survey results playing out in the personality of these people.

With me, I'm supposed to be "a mix" with the Italian in my background causing easy O's and the French in my background placing me in the middle range-- sometimes having easy O's, sometimes not.

Related note-- Most Asians I know are very serious, rarely smile. Makes me feel that perhaps they aren't happy but in reality they really are :-).

Mark said...

My wife is Pennsylvania Dutch and is very multi-orgasmic so I'm not sure how she would fit in with the survey.