Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do you ever take time to smell the roses?

And some mornings when you and spouse awaken, you just have to lie there and soak up your nudeness together. At 5am this morning, we were both tired when Andrea Bocelli woke us with his singing from the CD. Between our tiredness and the fact that we needed to hit the floor by 5:30, GR and I made a joint decision to spend that half hour enjoying each others nudeness while we chatted so we locked nude bodies, head to toe... no sex... and visited.

Sometimes you just have to slow down and smell the roses, you know? As long as you agree to have sex that night or the next morning, it's a good thing especially when emotions could benefit from a little lift. Frequent sex is wonderful and even necessary in my marriage but none of us need to become legalistic about doing each other every single time we're in the bedroom.

Just when you thought GR and I never slow down for a sexual breather!!! Hope you all get this .... how skipping a sexual opportunity every so often helps to bring the hearts closer together.

Gemma, who can't wait until tonight!


job29man said...


DW and I will sometimes just lay together nude and stroke each other while we talk.

If we get head to toe I tend to get greedy and turn it into a 69 session (as often as I can!)


job29man said...


Call me Job!

Blessings to all the readers in their marriages!

Gemma said...

Okeydoke, Job it is.