Saturday, July 19, 2008

You just never know how a session will turn out, do you?

For the last couple of days, GR was out of town on business. We were both extremely tired last night after he arrived home late so we caressed some, kissed and made plans for sex this morning before drifting off to sleep. Well, duhhh... folks, sometimes we do have to plan these things so they will happen. If it is not happening for you, do you bother planning?

It was around 6am when we sort of woke each other. Things felt a bit odd. I don't know... I think we were still tired. No, I KNOW we were tired and would have slept longer but it was almost time to go pick up dd#1 from work. PIV-IC is one of our most favorite activities so normally, I prefer to do that first and then move on to other things. This time we did things in reverse and chose to do man-stim with each other.

With my hands dripping in coconut oil, I gave GR a hj, fully intending to stop ahead so we could do PIV-IC. I wasn't going at it all that long... it must have been a good hj and he must have been terribly aroused. Before I knew it, I was enjoying the visual of him shooting all over my stomach, my hands and my arms. OK, so there will be no PIV-IC in the cards for today, lol! But I did enjoy the visual and I'm good with that.

You just never know how a session will turn out, do you? Perhaps that is what makes sex so enjoyable and unpredictable. When things in bed take a turn from the norm, how do you react to it? Do you try to fight it or do you go with the flow? Have you learned to be thankful for each and every sexual encounter with your spouse? After all, they are all good aren't they, each in their own way.


Who am I said...


This is a great reminder to me to "Go with the flow." as my wife says and enjoy whatever happens even if it is not quite what I expected when I started.

I am more and more making a concentrated effort to be thankful for every sexual encounter with my wife.

midwestman said...

Yep, going with the flow is important. Lots of times, especially when I'm really horny during the day, anticipating the evening, I work up all these scenerios in my head about how its going to be when we have sex that night. Then, when we actually get to it, its usually completely different cause we're either more tired than I would like and some of the horniess has worn off, or other circumstances have changed and we do something completely different than I had imagined. Whatever way it works out, as long as you're both satisfied at the end, thats all that matters, right?


Gemma said...

mwm, you ever wonder why horniness comes and goes so easily sometimes? We can be so "hot and ready" and then hours later-- nothing. And you wonder, "Where did it go?" Or is this just part of getting older? We seem to have enough nights where we say, "Catch you in the morning," because we're too tired and we always do in the morning what we say we are going to do but still...

midwestman said...

I do think part of it is getting older - when younger I was ready to go anytime! Now I value my sleep more and along with some health issues, night time is not the best for me. We always shoot for evening when the kids are in their rooms doing kid stuff. That way we can have a relaxing time and then enjoy watching some tube till bed time. Time changes things - just change along with it!