Monday, July 21, 2008

Poor, pitiful me!

Both of us were up way too late last night getting things done before GR's trip and we had to pick up dd#1 from work at 11:30pm. Needless to say-- we were SO tired this morning, tired but desperate for a last love making before he left. It must have been 4-4:30am as our eyes opened.

While still spooning from sleep and me being too tired to care about Oing, I added a little CO, lifted my top leg and quickly slipped GR's penis in me. And that's how we made love until he O'd. Afterwards, he was resting in me when I felt him slowly begin thrusting again so I also started to move in rhythm with his body. Only this time, he pushed my legs tightly together beforehand and did me in "doggies-on-their-sides" fashion... I'm sure there is a more techie name for that position... with my legs tightly together on the inside, his on the outside. It wasn't long before his second O came and then he was satisfied; so I was content.

I pulled his hands back to my face as I kissed him. We kissed and embraced as long as time would allow and then we had to get cracking. At 7am, I dropped him and dd#1 at the airport. Now I go through three days without him.... my hiny still tingling. Poor, pitiful me !!!

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