Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm still here :-)... and results of dd's speech on marriage

I haven't deserted my blog. Until Monday, I'll be entertaining out of town guests. So I won't be posting much but I will be checking email.

Last night, dd's delivery of her speech was superb! Her coach told her it was her best speech yet. (She's done six now.) We were praying that Nazih and Sophia's son would be blessed by the speech; evidently he was. When everyone was dismissed, he approached our dd and with tears in his eyes he thanked her for telling his parents' story and asked if we could give him a copy that GR filmed. The oratorical winner will be announced this morning.

Thanks folks,

Edited to add--- Dd was first runner up with her speech. She is already gearing up to receive the topic for next year so she can begin working on her next speech.

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