Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'll wake you up later!

Well, here is a new (to me) way to initiate sex.

Last night I went to bed before GR as he had to take dd#1 at 10:30pm to her campus job. Both he and I were physically and mentally exhausted from 4-5 hours of yard work yesterday followed up by paying bills together.

When he returned home from the run and crawled into bed I asked him, "Are you tired or horny?" "Tired," was all he mumbled. Then, "What about you? Are you horny?" he asked me. Even when I'm too pooped to party I can thoroughly enjoy a quickie if GR wants it so I told him, "I'm tired but I can go either way. What's your preference?" "If you're tired," he tells me, "I can wake you later." Then....

... he proceeds to ravish me. I ask him, "Hey, I thought you were going to 'wake me later'?" "It is later," he replies with a grin and he carries on. It wasn't a quickie but a rather longie and it was glorious in spite of the fact that we were both tired as all get-out. Afterwards, he and I slept like babies.

Apparently, "later" can mean anything, can't it?

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