Thursday, May 22, 2008

A quickie morning in the life of GR & Gemma

It is 5:30am.

Gemma speaking to GR- "Good morning. Are you horny?" .. as they embrace each other while awakening.

GR- "Ohhh, I could be. Are you horny?" He's tired but obviously, he's slightly more horny than tired.

Gemma- "OK, let's cut the crap. It's 5:30. If you want to have sex, let's take care of that before we run out of time." No, it was not said begrudgingly. She was truly afraid the sex wouldn't happen.

GR- "What... are you watching the clock?"

Gemma- "Yes, I am. It's 5:30. We woke up late."

So they do a fun, quickie. It is now 5:40.

Afterwards, Gemma tells him--- "NOW I'll answer your question. No, I was not horny. I was too tired to be horny." (They were out last night and didn't get to bed until late.) She continues explaining to him, "But I was afraid that if we didn't get to it, we would have run out of time before you had to shower for work." GR- Seemingly happy and content that they used the time wisely.

Gemma and GR- Reluctantly crawl out of bed to begin their outside-the-bedroom day. GR will be in meetings all day... with a big smile plastered on his face. Gemma will be in and out the house today, bringing kids, picking up kids, going to the gym, doing stuff at home, etc.... with a big smile on her face, too.

They pull the car into the office parking lot and they part.

The end!

The moral of the story, if there is one:
Who says you can't enjoy passion within 10 minutes of time?


midwestman said...

DW was leaving today for an overnight with her sister and Mom. We haven't ML a lot recently as I have been having back issues again (sigh). When that's the case, I hurt and can't perform well, and she's scared something more serious is going to happen and is scared to do a lot so just doesn't get into it as normal. (As background, two years ago we were fucking hard doggie style when I massively ruptured a disk, sending me into instant unbelieveable pain, hence her hesitation to ML with me when I'm hurting). Anyway, I woke about 20 minutes before the alarm this morning and after emptying my bladder, felt like ML before we started our day - which ONLY happens on Saturdays but can't tomorrow as she will be gone. Anyway, we had some good missionary time but when I got more energetic with doggie I started hurting which made me lose my erection. However, we switch to manual and had a good time! Sometimes 10 minutes IS enough :)


Who am I said...


Do your Liberator pillows help alot to avoid back pain and injury?

One thing that amazed me when we got married was how strong my wife's legs were compared to her arms. She is tall, and big framed, so I figured lifting 50 lbs would be a snap, but it wasn't, on the other hand she could whoop me leg wrestling.

I don't know if this extra ratio of leg strength to arm strength is normal for women, but it was interesting.

Who am I said...

that is pretty cool. I certainly find sex to be a stress reliever for many kinds of physical and emotional stress.