Friday, May 23, 2008

Passion within a semi-quickie

Some of you folks are not into 10 minute quickies at all. Perhaps your spouse prefers them, exclusively, and you need a little more love making time every so often in order to feel the passion even when time is short.

This morning, we passionately did a semi-quickie. GR had to leave shortly after we woke so when I asked him if he was horny and wanted to have sex, he initially told me "no"... that he had to get out of bed and get moving. It was his own fault when he began doing foreplay with me. This time, we enjoyed a 20 minute semi-quickie with 2 O's each.

There is no good reason to leave out passion no matter what you end up doing or how long you decide to take. Keep your passion burning!


midwestman said...

Quickies are good, I'd like to have more of them! We do have passionate quickies, it seems that quickies are, by nature, passionate since you just WANT sex and you WANT IT NOW! Given our relationship, I believe I get into them much more than my wife, but in the end, "a good time was had by all" :)

Now we just need to get back to some extended LM sessions which have pretty much ceased since we never have the house alone any more - but thats another story....


Gemma said...

Yup, I agree with you there, mwm. Quickies are like "sex in the raw". Sometimes GR and I just don't want to fool with the romance end of sex. At those times we engage in sex purely for the physical enjoyment of it.

On being "home alone"---

You need to establish some new house rules like GR and I are doing. For a while our girls were never away from home, simultaneously. Now, GR and I are talking about sending the girls for a monthly movie and lunch date, on us. We've decided that it would be well worth the investment.

On those extended sessions---

There is nothing like extra foreplay and some of our hottest ones are when we agree to not touch private areas for an hour while we are nude. WOWZA!!! By the time the hour is up, you are devouring each other. Do this one when your kids are away from the house. Seriously, send those kids to the movies or where ever they like to go, lol.