Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Know of any good informative sites?

Guys and Gals,

If you have links for good sites to *read* about sexuality, please post them here under this article in the comment section. If I can use them, I'll include them in my list over there on the right. I'm always looking for informative sites.

Thank you, folks.


Who am I said...

What all can you do with the Liberator wedge? It seems to be about the cheapest Liberator product and also the easiest to hide.

My wife probably wouldn't go for the cost of the wedge/ramp combo- but maybe someday, when I get brave enough to suggest it, she might go for the wedge.

I have been wanting to ask this for awhile, but wasnt' sure where to post- hope this spot is ok

Who am I said...


You are more than welcome to peruse my blog, christianstudman.blogspot.com,to see if any websites, strike your fancy.

I really appreciate you adding websites-it is always nice to see what people that you enjoy like.

Who am I said...


Thanks for info on wedge.

I was just perusing Wikipedia.org. Has alot of good general info on various sexual terms.

Sensuous Wife said...

I really like the FAQ section at Passionate Commitment. It's the website of a husband/wife team of sex therapists.


Gemma said...

Yes, wiki does have a lot of helpful sexual information. I didn't bother putting them on my list because I assume that everyone knows they can go there to research and because they cover so many nonsexual topics as well.

Thanks, SW. I'll add PC to my list.

Who am I said...

I was reading one of the Sex experts and they suggested the Whirl for people that have fibromyalgia like my wife does.

Have you ever tried The Whirl? What are the pluses and minuses compared to The Wedge.


Gemma said...

No, I don't have the Whirl.

Who am I said...

Dear Gemma,

Thank You for listing my blog on your blog. I really appreciate it.

Gemma said...

I was happy to do so, "who am i".
Have a good day.