Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pros & cons of shaving

Pros & cons of shaving:,2933,353843,00.html

How do you weigh in? Please give your reasons. GR and I do not shave. Here are our reasons, from the article:

— Looking untamed brings out wild animal in you and lover.

— You both love it and make no apologies for embracing your natural state of being.

— Hair captures enticing scents.

— Your hair-down-there is believed to retain and disseminate musky pheromones, substances the body emits as a sexual attractant that drives lover crazy.

— Experts believe that hair has a biological purpose, acting as a barrier to bacteria and viruses and reducing friction during sex. Proponents for going “au naturel” will be the first to remind you that before there was underwear, hair was a necessity in keeping dirt and germs away from genitals.

— You don’t have the time, or the money for that matter, for upkeep. For most people, being hairless requires work! You have no desire to make it a hobby.

— You love your body just the way it is.


midwestman said...

Unfortunately your link to Fox is broken :( As to your question, I prefer to shave, my wife is neither here nor there but if I didn't shave her she wouldn't be shaved! My reasons are as follows:

1) Less hair on her (I shave her from just below her clit on down to the start of her back crack - we leave a large triangle of hair above her labias):
- I enjoy oral sex more - none of the long hair getting in my mouth when I pleasure her. I can also take her labia into my mouth and don't have all the hair to contend with.
- Less mess and less smell at that time of the month (she likes this too).
- The view of her is so nice - nothing like seeing her labia bare!

2) Less hair on me (to be clear, I shave from just above the penis on down and around into the back crack, including the shaft and sac - I too have a large triangle of hair above my penis):
- Love the feel of sex with bare parts - much more sensitive
- I definately like NOT getting the sparse hairs on my sac or shaft pulled by underwear
- Shaving around the back crack is definately cleaner as nothing gets stuck in the long hair there - ewwwww!


Gemma said...

Yeah, I realize you can't click on the link. (Would some kind soul help me figure out how I can post links in my articles that others can click on?)

mwm, that's interesting that your dw doesn't mind you shaving her but otherwise, she wouldn't shave.

I can see a couple wanting/needing to shave if they engage in frequent OS. I know this will be a "duh" question but what's the purpose of leaving the large triangles of hair on both of you?

Novel said...
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Cocotte said...

I think this is one of those generational things. There was an article in our paper recently on the topic. It said the majority of women in the 20-35 age range do shave, while those older do not and never have. One disturbing trend is mothers taking their teen daughters (as young as 10) to get waxes and have all pubic hair removed. The salon workers were complaining that the girls were crying throughout the procedure. It's sad that mothers are sending a message that pubic hair is somehow gross.

Gemma said...

Cocotte, I think there is some truth to the younger adults shaving more than the older ones, although I know some of the older folks shave as well.

I didn't realize there was a trend with moms taking young dd's to have pubic hair removed. That is too way out there for me. How awful for those young girls.

midwestman said...

To answer your question...

On DW, what I shave is everything she will let me shave - LOL. She thinks that shaving everything would make her look pre-pubescent. But I'm happy with it the way we do it, the majority of the hair is out of the way for oral sex which is what i really wanted - second only to seeing her womanly parts :)

For me, I'm just comfortable with leaving that too - maybe its a public thing when I go to into locker rooms, etc. where its common for men to walk around naked between their activity and the shower. And, it acheives what I want which is no hair in the way for her, no hair getting stuck and pulled, and a nice sensitive feeling when we ML!

Gemma said...

Midwestman, you have a brave soul for a dw for her to be comfortable in having you shave her. A long time ago I used to shave but I've never had another person shave me. Don't know if I could, mainly because I'd always be thinking of hair getting pulled during the shave... OUCH!!! I guess I'm a chicken.

Anonymous said...

I don't have an opinion on shaving as she has not allowed me near her cunt with my mouth for over ten years now. Needless to say I REALLY miss O/S. Nor has she sucked my cock since then either. I miss her standing over my face and lowering her cunt right down to my mouth and to my awaiting tongue. And those rocking orgasms I gave her. When it "cums" to her orgasms we have entered the digital age (fingers). No vibrator allowed in our house. The nearest thing to a vibrator was when I made her promise to close her eyes and not move for two whole minutes. I took the lubricunt bottle and inserted it all the way and then had a muscle vibrator vibrate against the end of the bottle. W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L except she only let me do that two more times over the next two weeks or so. She has always been a wondeful wife and a great sweetheart to fuck. Many times we would drive down rural roads and undo my pants and give me a blow job. I am sure we were seen a time or two by truckers as they sit so high up. After dark she would often take her clothes off and we would fuck on a side road You can imagine how I agonised as menopause took away her libido. She has been so wonderful to fuck. We have fucked in pools after dark, fucked in a hot tub in florida, fucked by a lake in a National Park. Gets me hard just thinking of all those memorable sweet fucks over the many pre-menopausal years.

Gemma said...

Anon, I'm curious-- Why are no vibrators allowed in the house? Who made that rule?

Anonymous said...

Some comments/responses are carried over from TMB but will be answered here (by BUZZ) You may recall my account of the reason why we discontinued O/S (for which I still grieve)If you missed it we had attended a marriage relationship seminar sponsored by our church where the presenter(a marriage counsellor by profession)came out against O/S. My only answer as to why no vibrator is in her mind. No un-natural/mechanical device is allowed when we fuck. DW has never so much as masturbated, therefore a vibrator or other sex toy is out of the question. Even if I am the one using the vibrator in her pussy. Can you imagine having a great fuck and NOT doing your clit if DH can't reach it.

Gemma said...

Buzz, you know, I think I do recall hearing from TMB of some Protestant minister who did seminars and spoke against OS. Maybe it was Mr. Rkt at TMB who mentioned it in one of his posts.

So your dw has never masturbated, EVER? In the *current state* of your marriage, does your dw not O that often? It sounds like she either doesn't care to O or she doesn't care to all that often. If I wanted to O... and I usually do but not always... I could not imagine having a good fuck without some type of clit-stim.