Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What wakes you for sex & what wakes your spouse? (favorite ways)

I was thinking about this as I replied to a comment this morning. Let's face it-- We all lead busy lives but we need our sleep and sex, among other things, to recharge and stay energized. What is your favorite way to be awakened for sex and what is your spouse's favorite way for you to wake them?

LMing should be fun and enjoyable but if you're having sex out of obligation or when you're exhausted, then it's not fun. So when we're in the bedroom GR and I ML when we feel like it, not when it's a time that we're *supposed* to be ML. Just because 80% or so of married couples ML at bedtime doesn't mean that we have to adhere to their schedules.

Often, I'm sleeping heavily in the early morning hours when GR's at his best and horny. To make morning sex happen, he knows that I expect him to wake me. And, I'm sorry but "Honey, wake up," doesn't do it and he knows that, wise man ;-). Instead he will wake my body until I'm up enough for sex. This approach turns me into a morning person for the day!!!! To wake GR, I do the same.

Some spouse's may not appreciate the "hands on" during sleep but for us, it helps to make the best use of time when one is still sleeping so we don't waste the moments.


Anonymous said...

My DW does not like to be wakened for sex - never has, and even though in the past I have done it and we've had a good time, the negative feedback is too strong for me to try again. As for me, I have told her she is free to wake me anytime, anywhere for sex. Touching my package or nipples will wake me and further touches allow me to wake up enough for sex. Since my DW is not an initiator this happens rarely. You both are blessed with your "sameness" in desire and wants!


Gemma said...

Some folks don't like being wakened for anything, let alone sex. Believe me, I understand, mwm. I only do it now because mornings and nights are our only options with GR being gone all day at work.

It wouldn't be fair for me to say that sex always has to be at night when it's often easier for GR in the mornings. This way we each are stretching our limitations to make things work at our favorite times. And when it still doesn't work out we say, "Catch you in a few hours," and we sleep for about 4-8 hours. After that we're fresh and ready to go at it.

tractor said...

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