Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome To My Food World

Check out some of my favorite recipe links. >>>>>> Yes, over there, to the right, in the side bar. "Do the foods in those recipes REALLY increase sex drive?" you ask. Well OK, all you Doubting Thomas'... if you don't try any of these scrumptious recipes, don't come crying to me if you or your spouse are walking around with low-SD (jk).

In addition, besides the SD increase you'll experience when trying these recipes--- Pull your spouse into the kitchen, pop a good bottle of wine and prepare one of these tasty dishes together while you enjoy a bottle. I guarantee, your time in the kitchen will be as foreplay and your love making that evening will be blessed 10-fold. (OK, jk again but at least 3-fold.)

Later on, I'll be adding some links for Arabic recipes. In general, Arabic dishes are very healthy, with tons of veggies included in them... many of them great for fasting meals.


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