Saturday, April 19, 2008

How many sessions-- can you fit in a night-- and still get a full night's sleep?

You can almost say that title like a tongue-twister:
How many sessions-- can you fit in a night-- and still get a full night's sleep? See if you can say it fast 5x's, hehe.

This nightly frequency is close but not quite the norm for GR and me. However, we've been apart for the last four days so keep that in mind when reading this. Last night he and I enjoyed 3 sessions from the time the kids went to bed until just before they woke this morning. It all happened within a 12 hour period of time. We always sleep nude so, of course, that made this triple-session-night easy to do.

"Round 1" was a lengthy session at 10pm that we thoroughly enjoyed after going through 4 days of being apart from each other. Around 3am we did "Round 2". Lastly, we were downstairs this morning enjoying some private conversation in our pj's while the kids were still in bed. We had already enjoyed some coffee and breakfast. Next thing we knew we were back upstairs at 9am for a "Round 3" quickie.

I don't worry about this but I occasionally wonder if there is a limit to how often a couple have sex in any given day. Should I be concerned.... at all? I guess we could spend time doing much worse things :-). And can you tell that for both of us, "Physical Touch" (along with "Words of Affirmation") are our top two Chapman Love Languages? Yes, even our Love Languages are well matched.


tractor said...

Sounds like a great time. What I like most about you is that you share the ups and downs in your marriage. That makes it so real and helpful.

Does your husband know about this blog and does he read it? How does he feel about the explicitness of what you write?

Who am I said...

Nothing more enjoyable on this earth, at least to me than fucking the one I love.

Your night reminds me of our honeymoon, so many years ago. I keep trying to recapture that passion with my wife. It is coming slowly.

I admire your aggressiveness with your husband.

Sensuous Wife said...

(laughing) Gemma, I've given up on understanding the way sex and lack of sleep plays out in your marriage. It obviously works for you! ;)

Seriously, as funloving as I am, I am very serious about the word "addiction". Addiction is serious shit. Addiction is this poison that causes you to do things that violate your values. Addiction is a sick attachment to something that you know is killing your soul yet you don't think you can live without it.

Do I think you and GR are sex addicts? HELL NO!

I know I sound all stern and serious and that's unusual for me but I don't know any other way to say it.

What you and GR share, the mutuality, the love, the passion, the respect, the playful hornyness, is the antivenom of sex addiction. It is the hotness of healthy sex.

Cheers to you, darlings!
Fuck on, fuck well!

Kaieo said...

An addict? After only a three-lay marathon? I wouldn't say so, no.
Maybe if you had a three-lay relay every night on a regular basis, it may be a different story.

Now, ten-lay relay in a night, that's somethning to see. Although, I don't think that incident really counts, since in the end, I didn't get a full night's sleep.
With a full night's sleep (as in 6-8 hours) I'd say about five. Maybe six.

midwestman said...

Wow, you two continue to amaze me! You both have unbelieveable stamina - you are truly blessed to be together to enjoy it! Since my wife is not at all into getting woken up for sex in the night, this question is moot for us. Our now usual/favorite time to ML is in the evening when both DDs are busily computing with their friends. Oh, and Saturday mornings when we start with lazy sex and it gets hotter as we wake up. Our only multiple-in-a-night encounter would be our wedding night. I think that was three during the night, one of them waking up to my dear new wife sucking on my penis and bringing me to completion in her mouth - WOW. We have had the occasional middle of the night sex when we are away for a weekend or neither of us is sleeping well, but those are few and far between. Seems the older I get, the more I need my uninterrupted sleep - and med. issues don't help either! The two of you keep at it - no such thing as too much sex! (OK, if you were staving yourselves or neglecting your kids, that may be a little too much!).


Mark said...

Sex Addicts???
I'd call you both Blessed!!!

In all the posts I've read from you I've never seen any indication where you guys neglect you children, of work, or are into porn, or bring someone else into the marriage bed, etc.

So I don't see any evidence of being Sex Addicts.


Gemma said...

Thank you for your kind, supportive comment, Mark. Yes, we are blessed.

Cyber Moth said...

(This is Kaieo, just Blog-Mode.)

I didn't think that you did it every night. Most people don't tend to. I'm twenty-five, and the night we had the 5-6 relay the stress had been building for a while and we both very much needed to be near each other.

Usually, we're not so eager for each other's company so late - and repetitively - through the night. Usually, he puts me right to sleep and he sleeps like a rock, anyway.

Cyber Moth said...

I only state normal frequency based statistics from common patterns found in the majority of couples, and in my own observations of copuples around me. My normal number is the average number, if there was any confusion.

Anonymous said...

I must be totally honest, I find it almost literally unbelievable (meaning I'm not sure I believe it) that your husband in his 50's can reload and ejaculate so frequently. I read somewhere that you don't actually know how much he releases b/c it's always PIV IC. I must ask, does he ever cum not in you, but on you or in your mouth? As only a 40 something guy I am astonished, and wonder if maybe he climaxes repeatedly without ejaculation...if he does really shoot 2,3, times a night I need to know his secret? Special diet, supplements, etc? God Bless your active life together.

Gemma said...

What reason would I have to make that up? All I can do is tell you the way it is. It's up to you to believe it or not.

GR's in his late 50's. He often O's only once, occasionally O's twice and once in a while he O's 3 times. 95-98% of the time he prefers to O through PIV-IC so there are those few times when he O's via HJ or OS.

When he does 2-3 O's as each one following closely behind the previous one, he doesn't always "shoot" each time. And he O's very easily.

Special diet? Just healthy eating and he likes a beer or something after work. Supplements? Only thing he takes:

*One a Day Men's 50+ Advantage
*Saw Palmetto

We buy both from Sam's, not anything special from a health food store or anything like that.

As two high-SD spouses, he and I initiate about 50/50 so I don't know if that has anything to do with him always being aroused or what. IOW, when he's not groping me, I'm groping him. We keep each other aroused all the time.