Friday, April 18, 2008

I did it, I did it, I did it!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!! A big thanks to my helpful readers, I finally figured this out. If you glance at my right side bar you will now see a list of some of my favorite sites to shop for sex toys and other bedroom items. Oh the possibilities... let's see what other groups of links should I list???? Any ideas??? Hmmmm....


OK, somebody help me, please? If I want to post links here for others to view toy stores... something like: but I only wanted it to show up on my blog as "liberator" ..... or even if I wanted it to read as: "Have a wonderful life!" Well, you get my point, right? I could have it read any way I wanted it to read. Others could click on it to go there and view their toys. How would I do that?

I realize this is basic 101 stuff but please help me anyway. I am pc illiterate. Or if you know of a blogger web page where it's explained, can you give me the link? Thanks.


Novel said...

(a href="")These are the words to click on(/a)
Now, instead of using (), use <>.
That's the simple html answer, but I'm guessing that blogger has it's own even easier method. I'll check and see.

Novel said...

Okay, yeah, blogger does have an easier way to do it.
Just type whatever you want the link to be, you know, whatever words you want folks to click on.
Then go back and highlight those words and click on the little globe with a chain link on it in the compose bar. It will ask for the web address and do it for you automatically.

Gemma said...

Thanks for responding, Novel. Would you also be so kind as to post the Blogger link where you found that out? I'll need to get my dh to help me figure this out.

I am seriously dense about computer things and only comprehend when instructions are written like a detailed tech manual. (ie- Step 1- do this, Step 2- do that, etc.)

And why am I blogging? ;-)

Novel said...

Learn Basic HTML
Blogger's Post Editor

tractor said...


Well, I have actually been out in a tractor today- hauling cattle manure no less. Tired now, hope I don't skip a step. You can go to Blogger help, but I will take a stab at it here.

Once you log on, go to Dashboard, then Layout,then Link List, then edit, then put the site name under "newsite url." you will see the htttp: just put, then under New site Name put whatever you want- Liberator, wild sex pillows, etc. then chose add link, make sure you Save changes. When you have a list of sites there, just click on one and make sure it works.

Hope this helps.

There are also some blogger, blogs under help.

Once you catch on you can add sites in a hurry.

Gemma said...

I've needed basic instructions and also fingers pointed in the right direction to articles that teach this in a step by step, logical manner. Don't know why, but I'm having trouble learning my way around blogger.

Thanks for your help, novel and tractor.

tractor said...

So did you get it figured out?

I think mine was step by step.

Who am I said...

chose Blogger help, and then in search box, put in the word links.

Should be able to find some help there.

tractor said...


I would suggest just putting links to whatever you are interested in. Could be everything from your favorite on-line bible, other blogs you like, to a link about Oriental Basket weaving.

The more you put, the better picture people will have of who you are. I usually spend a few minutes browsing bookshelves in a house or office to get clues to a person's interests.

Gemma said...

Thank you, Tractor (taking a bow). I couldn't have done it, though, without all the little people, lol, jk.

Yes, I also like to browse through bookshelves. People would have a rough time getting to know me through my bookshelves. We have 14 bookcases throughout our house and the books are on all different topics. That's when you're a homeschooling family.

So do YOU have a blog, Tractor?

Who am I said...

justthought you might like to check out what you inspired me to do.

Thanks. Really enjoy your blog.

tractor said...

yes I have a blog, but nothing under tractor. Don't want to give it out, because of the anonymity factor.

Once you catch on to blogging there is so much you can do, and you can express yourself so many ways.

I have only done it for a few months, so I am not an expert.

Gemma said...

"who am i", I just sent you an email.

tractor, I understand if you can't give out your blog link. GR and I are anon on my blog to those we know IRL so it's not an issue for me.

:::Once you catch on to blogging there is so much you can do, and you can express yourself so many ways.

So enlighten me, please? In what ways can we express ourselves? I'm still trying to figure that out and could use some creative ideas. Feel free to email them to me if you'd like.

Who am I said...

I did not find an e mail from you at my account.

Gemma said...

:::I did not find an e mail from you at my account.

Well, that's weird. I just tried sending it again. Basically, I mentioned that I scrolled through your blog and was wondering if there was anything specific that you were pointing out for me to see in it.

tractor said...

:::::Once you catch on to blogging there is so much you can do, and you can express yourself so many ways.

So enlighten me, please? In what ways can we express ourselves? I'm still trying to figure that out and could use some creative ideas. Feel free to email them to me if you'd like.

Several things.

a. I don't know if you realize, but you can go to blogger, layout, and change template, and experiment with many different pre made templates. The template is the screen layout of colors, where your resources are, your archives, etc.

b.I see you added some food ideas- that is part of just being you. I personally would never have thought to add food, to a blog about passionate marriage- but that is a great idea.

c.If you look at you can see that she uses lots of pictures, and videos. Somedays she writes short, somedays she writes long. Obviously, doing an anonymous blog- you are not going to do pictures of yourself. Remember this girl is a professional writer and speaker.

d.What I have noticed on The Marriage Bed, is how broad the range of topics is. I suspect when Paul and Lori started, they never realized that some of the most heated and deep discussions on a web site about married sexuality, would be about things like the emerging church, house church, psychology, etc., but in reality, when people start to be authentic in one area of life like sexuality, it spills over into other areas of life- which is a good thing.

d.So with that in mind- what I am trying to say is "what are some other unique interests in your life that you might want to share that will give even more of a picture of who you really are.?"

My hunch is that the more we all come into being who God really made us to be, hopefully the more our spouses will admire and love us, and the more passionate lovemaking will be.

e. I think you have also seen Their blog is organized more topically than it is chronologically. I really like their twist of Monday's mission, and weekly sex position.

f.One thing I really appreciate about you is that in your replies you address the person by name which gives such a personal touch. It is also nice the way that sometimes your write three or four people back in the same post. To me it gives the blog more of a friendship/group feel.

Sorry it took awhile to get back to you. I have been out on the tractor alot the last few days. The good thing about it is that I have time to ponder some of my responses. The bad thing is when I get in late- I have little energy to write anything coherent.

Gemma said...

Wow, Tractor, you must have been out on that tractor a lot lately, judging from all that you seem to have pondered and from all that you wrote here ;-). I understand what you mean about sharing my life interests on my blog. As I am more and more comfortable doing so without worrying about being recognized by our IRL folks, I will gradually increase the sharing. Thank you so much for posting your ideas here.

Christ in Risen. Indeed He is Risen!

Who am I said...

Isn't it sad how much we are afraid to share of who we really are IRL even as Christians.

I have gotten burned so many times sharing on issues in an honest way that didnt' fit the "group think" I happened to be in at the time. Most of the time, these issues weren't even sex issues, I shudder to think about sharing honestly about sexual issues- have gotten burned there also- just scratching the surface.

Maybe as I get more comfortable sharing anonymously, I will be more comfortable sharing IRL and less concerned about rejection.

Gemma said...

WAI, there will always be individuals and even groups who will reject what we have to say or what we believe. We can't allow them to dictate how we feel about what we share but of course, when we're on their "playground", they have the right to quiet us down. Of course, IRL you will always see groups or individuals who are not comfortable at all discussing sexual issues.

I deal with that often when I'm on forum . It is not really a Christian site; it's a Protestant site. A Christian site would be more open to spiritual ideas from all Christian Faiths- Eastern Orthodox, Protestant and Roman Catholic and TMB is not open to that. Since I am of the Eastern Orthodox Faith, I do not feel welcomed at all to express my spiritual views there. Once in a while I do, but it is rare and I have to be very careful in what I say. (It's their playground.)

job29man said...


I'm a latecomer to this discussion, but I want to encourage you in your Eastern Orthodox faith. I am a Christian, specifically we are Anabaptist, which is neither Catholic nor Protestant.

I am definitely not a "whatever you choose to believe is fine, if it works for you" kind of person. I don't believe that at all with regards to non-christian faiths (sorry if I offended anyone here, that's just my belief). But if more Catholics and Orthodox would take a deep hard look at the core of their faiths and the meaning behind the ceremony, ritual, and symbols (yes, even the icons) I think it would blow their minds how beautiful and rich it is! I do regard committed Catholics and Orthodox as my brothers in Christ.

It is a problem of all Christian denominations however that too many of the attendees lack in a true personal commitment to Christ, and are there strictly out of habit and comfort with the ritual.

After 20 years raised Catholic and having no personal relationship to Christ, and with no appreciation of the Catholic Church, I became a believer and returned to the Anabaptist roots of my forefathers. My attitude to Catholicism was "good riddance, I have no use for ye!"

But after developing a strong Christian faith in my own heart and deep relationship with Christ I once returned to a Catholic mass as a visitor and it was all I could do not to weep at the beauty of the mass! Then I looked around at so many faces of regulars that were obviously unimpressed and there out of habit (maybe... I shouldn't judge, but it appeared so to me at the time). I wanted to jump up in the pew and shout out loud

"Why are you all like zombies in here!!!?? Don't you see the beauty in these words and prayers that you recite without thinking?

Don't you see? This is the faith of your fathers!!"

It was really powerful!

Now, uh... How did I get off on that sermon?

Now back to our regularly scheduled topic...

Gemma said...


GR and I did take a hard look at the core of our Christian Orthodox Faith. That's how we ended up on this spiritual journey. We made a choice to become Orthodox eight years ago so we do not take our Faith for granted. Our Orthodox Faith played a huge part in pointing me [and GR] in the right direction to begin healing our marriage. No other Christian Faith could do that for us.

It took us another 6 years after becoming Orthodox to completely heal as it was a process. a journey. and we're still on it. There is no state of arrival in Orthodoxy.

Job said:
".... it was all I could do not to weep at the beauty of the mass! Then I looked around at so many faces of regulars that were obviously unimpressed and there out of habit... Don't you see? This is the faith of your fathers!!"
It was really powerful!"

The first time I entered an Orthodox Church I cried like a baby. Everything just took my breath away including the sincere reverence of the people. Today, I am still amazed each time we go to church. This is where God has brought us. This is our "home".

Thanks for posting, Job.