Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Current event- Why did they wait so long to rescue?

Has this story,2933,353418,00.html been sickening you guys as much as it has for me? What I still don't understand is how come it took all these years for TX officials to finally check on the ranch and discover the rampant sexual abuse that has been going on there? I mean, what the heck did they think was happening in the compound all these years? The article stated: "State authorities raided the ranch in search of evidence of underage girls being forced into polygamous marriages." What took the officials so long to decide in raiding the ranch? They had to wait for an anon phone call from a teenage girl pleading for help inside the place before taking action? I keep thinking about all those poor kids who could have been rescued years sooner.


Cocotte said...

Yes, I find this just as disturbing. I haven't read how long the ranch has been there, but how shocking is it that out of hundreds of people living there, they were all so brainwashed that not ONE person ever stepped forward (now that the anon tipster seems to not be involved)??

And it's ridiculous that our government supports activity such as this through welfare payments and the like. Why hasn't some agency investigated the ranch before now?

Gemma said...

Cocotte, I had no idea that that compound, filled with child molesters, was being financially assisted through our lovely welfare system. I wonder if it will ever come out in the news, why the place wasn't raided a long time ago?

Cocotte said...

(Read paragraph 5 for further details about their welfare fraud) And you can bet they don't pay taxes either.

Gemma said...

Cocotte, I haven't been able to find the site from your second link so I haven't read the article yet.

Cocotte said...

I'm going to post a different link from CNN:

Hope that works!

Gemma said...

Thanks for posting that link, Cocotte. I only hope that with all the sexual abuse their kids endured, it will give the gov't enough ammunition to shut them down and to keep their kids away from them for good.

I'm sorry... I understand that many of the moms also grew up that way and they're brainwashed like the kids but IMO, none of those parents deserve to get their kids back.

What they've done to the kids is unforgivable. I know of a young man in his late 30's who was used by his mother as a child prostitute when he was between the ages of birth and 10yo. He has NEVER fully recovered from his upbringing. This is no different.

The news has already stated that most or all the young girls from the compound have been sexually abused by the adults and probably a good number of the young boys as well. What part of that gives them a right to have their kids back?