Thursday, March 27, 2008

Interruptions That Go "Bang" In The Night or How We Keep Up Frequency

Whew!! I am operating on little sleep today but thought I'd share why, for anyone who's interested. GR and I have had a few too many late bedtimes recently while attempting to help both dd's with college related stuff. Last night was one that will go in the history book.

Dd1 was putting finishing touches on a 10-page paper which was due today. Currently, we're working on getting all 3 of our pc's to be more compatible with each other. GR suggested she bring her laptop downstairs so she'd have better reception. Rather than work on her small keyboard she decided to use my full size one. Fine. It was 9-10pm.

GR and I finally went up to bed wiped out tired. We planned to go to sleep but realized we were both too horny. I thought we'd do a quickie but, no. The quickie turned into a slowie. To be honest, we had enjoyed a bottle of wine during and after dinner so the wine affects were still there. We were taking our time as GR and I both O'd. He had all the Oing he could stand so we kissed good-night, I rolled over, he spooned in behind me and we drifted off to delicious sleep. Next thing we knew....

Bang, bang, bang! The sound had me bolting straight up in bed. What is that? GR tells me- It's dd1. She must have taken her fist and pounded on the door to get our attention. Later I found out that she tried knocking softly to no avail. Feeling a bit like we were rudely awakened during an afterglow, we threw our pj's on, stepped out into the hall and she tells us--- I think something is terribly wrong with my pc. It is now 3am.

We go downstairs to discover that she typed out the last 7 of her 10 pages on my pc, tried to transfer it to hers and lost all 7 pages. This is a computer savvy gal, much more than I, so we know she did everything correctly. Apparently our computers didn't mesh well during the transfer ::sigh:: ::ugh::. GR tried to retrieve the work but she ended up having to go back and retype the pages. We put on a pot of coffee for her, said good-night and went back to bed thinking we could get some more sleep.

Tossing and turning for 20-30 minutes I finally told GR- It's not going to happen; I can't sleep. So...... we did what we always do when we can't sleep-- more sex. Is that normal? Do many people actually have sex before going to bed and then end up horny and doing it again at 3am? Trying not to examine that thought too much we just enjoyed another tumble in the bed. Surely, I thought, there's no way I'll go back to sleep after this when we need to rise at 5am? Well, we did nod off afterwards and didn't wake until almost 6.

And that's why I am operating under sleep-deprivation. GR is too, I'm sure. Dd1 was up the entire night. She went to school with part of her paper undone and hunted down her prof before class time. Lucky for her, he gave her grace to hand it in next Monday instead as per her words, "My prof said I always hand in my work early so he knew I was telling the truth and decided to give me an extension."

I'm getting ready to pick up dd1 and dd2, shower and then the four of us are running out to an event to hear a speaker from 8-9:30 tonight. THEN we'll be able to get back to bed. It's a good thing that GR and I plan to enjoy sex for many years to come. One day I'd like to experience regular sex without ever being interrupted. Wonder what that is like? Meanwhile, we'll have to take what we can get.... when ever we can get it.


Cocotte said...

It's so wonderful that you and GR are on the same page in your marriage bed and able to enjoy nights like that, even under the circumstances! What you described would never in a million years happen at our house as my husband is not able to ML when he is mentally tired (as you described GR's evening of working on computers). Maybe you could address how GR is able to separate his work and his sex drive in his mind in another post sometime?

Gemma said...

Hey Cocotte,

GR struggles to ML when he is mentally exhausted and it happens mostly at bedtime after he's been at work all day, not so much during the nights or mornings.

He is as high-SD as I so at times when he knows that one or both of us are exceptionally horny, he pushes through his tiredness so we can enjoy a session. Otherwise, if he's had too rough of a work day we'll do a quickie or he'll say--- You OK if we wait until later in the night after a few hours of sleep or if we wait until morning?

After being on the receiving end of my refusing all those years, GR's very sensitive about leaving me without. He'll push himself whenever he can but if I see him pushing too hard when I know he's wiped out, I'll suggest we wait for sex.

Both of us feel more emotionally healthy as individuals and as a couple as long as we keep up our frequency and passion. So you see, that emotional well-being gives him and me the extra push when we need it. Oh, and his work on the pc last night at 3am only lasted about an hour.

Does that answer your question, or not?

Cocotte said...

Yes, that does help! Thanks! We have adjusted our weekend routine in the past year to include lovemaking on Sat. mornings and Sun. early evening when DH is not so tired. Weekdays are still tough as my husband needs a good 8 hours of sleep, without interruption, and he's too stressed at 5 a.m. getting ready for work to consider ML. But, I really appreciate your openess in addressing this Gemma!

Gemma said...

Good for you and dh for finding the best weekly times to make good sex fit into your schedule. Among other times, our Saturday mornings are usually slated for sex. Enjoy your upcoming week, cocotte.

Sensuous Wife said...

One day I'd like to experience regular sex without ever being interrupted. Wonder what that is like?

Uh, hon, I believe that's called an empty nest. Parents who work themselves out of a job get that one. You're closer to that than me as your DC are older than mine.

On the other hand, we do have those weekends where we send the kids to Grandma's. ;)

Anonymous said...

All I gotta say is...WOW!!! You two are two WAY SEXED people - LOL, but more power to ya! I mean, I love sex, but its a good thing I'm not married to you Gemma cause you would wear me down to a nub - LOL. And KUDOS to your DH, I'm a 110% breast man too and thats the first thing I go for as well. DW can't always take all my affections but then there's those times when shes real turned on and freely gives them to me and I just enjoy uninterrupted time sucking, fondling and otherwise mauling them :) BREAST LOVERS UNITE!


Gemma said...

mwm, this is what happens when two high-SD's are married and in love. You work with the SD that you have. Believe it or not, we make allowances :-). One night this past week GR was exhausted from too many late nights and early mornings so we only embraced, made out a bit, kissed and went to sleep. I am a night person but sometimes we BOTH go to bed exhausted from the day; no biggie. We wake when we're ready to fuck.

Gemma said...

mwm, I wanted to add--- No matter how sexually "matched" a couple seem to be, there are usually at least a few specific areas of differences which need to be discussed. The important thing is for both dh and dw to be willing to talk about it for the good of the marriage. As long as both are willing, the differences can be resolved so that both can enjoy the marriage relationship.