Sunday, March 16, 2008

You can look but you can't touch!

We just returned from a short trip to the big city near us with our two grown kids. A dear, elderly friend... I'll call her j... whom we met 15 years ago was in this city on business so GR and I took our grown girls on a road trip to visit with her. Although we kept in touch with j through the years with phone calls and letters, we hadn't seen her face to face in 10 years so we had much catching up to do. J has some difficulties walking that stems from a bad accident so most of our time there was spent visiting her at the hotel until it was time for us to head back home.

On the drive back we found a good country music radio station so we listened to that all the way home. Isn't it amazing how folks can get so horny after listening to country music?... unless maybe it's just me! About two hours from home I began pestering GR, "How much longer 'til we get home?" Even our girls were hollering from the back seat, "Gees Mom, you're acting like a kid!" Little did they know that Mom was giving admiring, sideway glances at their Dad who was behind the wheel, looking handsome as ever. If it hadn't been for the girls being with us, my hands would have been all over GR while he was driving. Although we were tired from our trip, once we arrived home GR and I enjoyed a good romp in the bed before drifting off to sleep.

Isn't it painful when we find ourselves with desire to touch/caress our spouse's body in those private areas but because of circumstances like when others are around, we can only look?


Sensuous Wife said...

I'm so glad you had a fun time in Chicago, Gemma. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

Gemma said...

Thanks, Sensuous Wife. It's always nice to visit old friends.

Anonymous said...

You two are truly blessed and you bless your DH by being so sexual with him! If only more women were like that. Having said that, all women are different and have different personalities, therefore, I cannot wish my DW to be like you as she never will! We went on a "Sex Weekend" a couple years ago and part of the weekend was that we had to abstain for a week beforehand - not even looking. Let me tell you, on the 3+ hour drive to our hotel it was all we could do to keep our hands off each other!!!!!!

midwestman from TMB (no Google account)

Gemma said...

Hello there mwm! Yes, I feel blessed finally after living for such a long period of time in the marriage desert. You are right, we are all uniquely created by God. I'm sure there are things about me that would make you realize all the more, just how blessed you are in your marriage. And I know what a week of abstinence does to a couple. We recently experienced a week without on account of some disharmony in our relationship. I wrote about it here on the blog. After we straightened everything out, oh my, the sex was almost too hot to touch. I'm sure you and Mrs. mwm enjoyed that weekend. Nice to see you here.