Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How do your quickies turn out?

Good Tuesday morning, folks!

How do your quickies turn out? Are they always "slam, bam" short and sweet and you're done or do they occasionally meander off into side trips? Most of ours are truly quick but it's always a pleasant surprise when we meander as we did this morning.

What was intended to be 5-10 minutes because we really needed to get out the door, ended up as a half hour of sex resulting in several O's. Ha, as we awakened this morning, GR told me that he was only a little horny; he had 3 O's.

And it often puzzles me when our sex is fast and furious while we're listening to soft, romantic music like this morning. We were really doing each other to the tune of Andrea Bocelli. Where other times we're ML slowly and romantically while listening to hot, sensual music by Richard Elliot or something similar.

Are your quickies always quick and if you have music playing, does the music always reflect your actions?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Gemma --

It's Mr. & Mrs. Rkt from TMB. We found your blog this evening. Just wanted to say God bless you in this ministry. You're outspokenness is bound to be a blessing to many, and a call to convicting thought.

Gemma said...
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Gemma said...

Hello there, Rockets! Good to see you here. I was just thinking about you guys this week. Actually I have a question to ask but it doesn't pertain to passion in marriage... at least I don't think it does... but then knowing you guys, maybe it does. I'll drop a PM at TMB. Have a good night.

Caitlyn said...

I hate it when the music doesn't match the mood - I'm a dancer, maybe that's why. I've been known to get up and turn it off, though usually that's towards the beginning.

(I don't remember what name Blogger gives me - I'm ladyphlogiston (now LadyP) from TMB)

Gemma said...

Hi LadyP,

I do the same thing. Normally I am very focused when engaged in sex but if the CD playing doesn't match my mood, I have to call time out and switch CD's. It doesn't matter a bit to GR what's playing. Sometimes we ML with tv playing instead of music. We use CD or tv all the time to help keep *our* sounds from drifting out to the hall where the kids would hear us.

Anonymous said...

Our quickies are usually quick because we do it in between things that are supposed to be happening. Then there's the dreaded "List" that DW always has - plus, she is not a spontaneous person - things need to be planned. But, we do have satisfying sex - almost always in the "her butt on the edge of the bed, me standing and pounding in" or in what I call the modified missionary - DW on her back, legs up and spread wide, my arms under her knees, me on my knees. Both these positions are hot hot hot to both of us and we usually can O within a minute or two. Great hot sex without a doubt :)


Gemma said...

mwm, what is the dreaded "list"? And what things need to be planned, sex?

Thank God you and dw can quickly enjoy hot sex. Life is good, huh?

job29man said...

I'm still back on GR had 3 O's (look of shock! where are those smilies when you need em?)

What a STUD! It is really something to have TWO orgasms in one session, but THREE. You are a lucky wife! Good for you both!

GR must have gone to work with a gigantic grin! And all those guys at work saying "What's up GR?" And him just smiling at them.

Gemma said...

One O is normal for him. Often he goes for #2. Three O's is rare. Just to clarify, Job :-).