Friday, March 14, 2008

Being Awakened for Sex- How do you handle it?

What do you do when husband initiates sex at 4am.... oh, and you're not a morning person? Thus began our morning, today.

GR is a morning person so it's natural for him to reach out for me in the early morning hours. In my sleep, I'll feel his hands groping/caressing me... where ever his hands take him. At that hour of the morning, my body tends to be sort of rag-dollish but no matter what, I can still give and receive sexual satisfaction. So first thing today, we went ahead and ML... at the ungodly hour of 4am.

By the time we were done I was more verbal (read: awake) and asked him, "Did you wake up horny?" "Just a little," he tells me. My usual verbal self was kicking in so I continued teasing and pressing him for more. A LITTLE??? What do you mean, 'a little'? You had sex with me while I was half asleep! He justified his actions by saying that he only WOKE a little horny but it quickly went from a little to a lot. I knew that; I just wanted to hear it from his lips.

GR knows he can wake me any hour for sex. I do the same to him only my inner clock wakes me for sex earlier in the night; it's called "pay back" ;-) hehe. Seriously, though, neither one of us mind waking up for a good cause.

So what do you do when your dh/dw awakens you for sex? Do you roll towards him or away? Do not miss those golden opportunities to become more intimate with your spouse.

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