Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Time for sex w/no desire vs. no time, huge desire. Which is worse?

It would be our own fault if we had time for sex but didn't take time to enjoy it. It's a whole 'nuther ballgame when we don't have time for sex when we badly want need it.

Such was our situation this morning. Up too late last night assisting dc2 with homework. GR and I both wiped out this morning and didn't wake until 45 minutes before needing to leave the house.... leaving us barely time to dress, eat and run. Darn! The only thing good comes of that is knowing that tonight or tomorrow morning's sex will be more intense than usual.

This makes me think-- For the last 14 months we've averaged having sex 7-12 times a week. Prior to that, I refused sex for 26 years. At our current rate, how many times did GR and I miss having sex within those 26 years?

Hands over ears (or eyes) to avoid finding out.... don't tell me. OK, yes, I really DO want to know.... not really.... but kind of sort of. It will be so depressing. I guess I need to know and then I want to move ahead and not dwell on all those missed opportunities.

For GR and me, "no time, huge desire" is better than "time, no desire". At least we can go through the day horny and longing for each other and know that very soon our bodies will be as one.

A couple of poems I read this morning express what's in my heart right now:

As if to lift my babe- in-arms,
my brazen lover touched my breast
with just a fingertip.
-Bihari (1595-1664)

my body pulls towards yours---
desire a long oar dipping
again and again
in this night's dark rain.
-Jane Hirshfield

Gemma, GR's whore


Sensuous Wife said...

Desire with no time is way better than lots of time no desire. If you have desire at least you can selfpleasure on the phone with each other, or selfpleasure alone and tell each other about it later. Like, "Honey guess what I did and guess what I can't wait to do after my work project is turned in on Wednesday?"

Not that I recommend a life of desire with no time for fucking (NOOOO) but desire is key.

About Me said...

Yes, that was our conclusion as well. Desire is key. Develop and nurture "desire" and you have the keys to the marriage bed kingdom.

Sensuous Wife said...

"Develop and nurture "desire" and you have the keys to the marriage bed kingdom."

That's beautiful, Gemma. True too.

Of course, learning what to do with those keys is fun too! (grin)

Sensuous Wife said...

Gemma, your story also reminded me off a little story where Delighted Husband and I learned that sometimes when you're too tired and you go ahead and go for it, the rewards can be great. God is generous! ;) SW

About Me said...

sensuous wife,

It took me many years to figure this out. GR and I are both PIV fans. Most days I am way too horny to choose to want/need sleep more than sex. However, even on those rare occasions when I am tired and GR's horny... it doesn't take much effort for me to pleasure him.

Although I'm a night person. if he wakes me for sex in the middle of the night or very early morning hours, I can easily spread my legs to take in his dick and thoroughly enjoy PIV with him... yes, all while I'm half asleep.

Anonymous said...

Definately would rather have desire/no time than the other way around. With no time, desire becomes more and when the reunion takes place its even hotter!


davyp said...

Gemma, just looking back over some of you previous posts. You're an inspiration...7 times a week for 26 years would be 9464 sessions. 12 times a week would have been 16224 times. Call it 10,000 times and then let's all move on.....