Saturday, February 23, 2008

How "Passion Within Marriage" Began

A year ago I stumbled onto a way of bringing hot passion into my marriage, which had been slowly going downhill. You see, for over 25 years I was a "refusing wife" to my husband GR (Gemma's Ravisher). At best, he and I engaged in passionless sex every few months but things were usually at their worse with sex happening as seldom as every few years. That was our miserable existence until I experienced a sexual awakening, at which time everything changed.

In December 2006 my spirit, mind and body experienced a sexual awakening. Since then, GR and I have both been high-sex drive with our frequency for quality sex at an average of 7-12 times a week. Our current quality and quantity of passionate sex is essential for our marriage so we make it a high priority in our lives.

My purpose for blogging is in hopes that other married individuals might benefit from my story and/or from discussing these topics. Or perhaps my blog will simply be a "good read" for someone. At the very least, I would enjoy discussing sexual passion with readers.

To all husbands or wives who earnestly seek or already enjoy passionate sex in their marriage, please come chat with me often. Thank you for visiting "Passion Within Marriage".


tractor said...

Dear Gemma,

I wanted to encourage you to write a longer testimony on your blog. I have read bits and pieces on TMB and it is good.

I have been sorting for more of your testimony on TMB but sometimes their computer goes very slow or mine locks up before I get all the way back to your earlier posts. I also get sidetracked on reading all sorts of other things also.

Gemma said...

I will eventually get more of my story written here, Tractor, God willing. It would be simple if I could go in my TMB profile and just copy/paste it all here but I don't even know if that would be legal, although they are my written words.

Have you checked my profile there for posts that are dated between Jan 2007 and March 2007? Much of my story was journaled during those months. And all TMB profiles are in chronological order so it wouldn't take much to find my posts that began in Jan '07.

Anonymous said...

FYI- On the home page of TMB at the very bottom there are copyright rules. If you click on that, then there is another link for the copyright rules for posts.
There is another link to click to learn those rules.

Bottom line is that copyright is shared by poster and TMB.

My hunch is that if you contacted TMB, they would probably be fine wiht you posting your story on your own website.


p.s sorry if this came through more than once, I wasn't convinced it went.

Gemma said...

I knew TMB had copyright rules posted somewhere. Just hadn't had a chance to go find and read them. Thanks, Tractor.

Mark said...


You had a real good definition of what you meant by being your husbands whore.

I can't find it, so I was wondering if you could post it here.



Gemma said...

I'd have to go search it out, Mark. Can you sent me a reminder email to ask me about this?

This is all you need to include in the email. Thanks.

"Gemma, You had a real good definition of what you meant by being your husbands whore. Can you post it?"

Anonymous said...

Dear Gemma,

Thank you so much for caring enough to create, and work, your wonderful blogspot! I have enjoyed your well thought through posts on TMB and shall also benefit from learning more about your spiritual, emotional, physical journey as I begin now to read through your daily comments.

I don't really know much about blogs. In fact yours is the first I've been on. Not much of a computer guy I guess.


Gemma said...

You are quite welcome, Job29man. I hope you enjoy your reading here.

mrpathetic said...

Any clue what caused your sexual awakening? Was it some spiritual experience, or some change in the environment, or some impetus from your husband?

Was it some magical herb that your husband gave you? (OK, now I am just kidding.)

Is there anything I can do, to cause this awakening in my wife? If there is, please let me know. I have endured the last 15 years without sexual relations - with my wife, or anyone else, for that matter. I don't know if I can take another 15 years. By that point, I will probably be dead - spiritually or emotionally, if not physically.

Gemma said...

I pretty much shared what caused it in my "About Me" article on my main blog page... right side bar. Did you read it?

If you read it and still have specific questions, shoot me an email and I'll try to answer them.